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The Real 'Pit Masters' (LOR Outlaws Freebuild) | by Zachary Bean
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The Real 'Pit Masters' (LOR Outlaws Freebuild)

The Badlands, especially the lower swamp lands and devilish mountain passes that lead into Loreos and all those surrounding the Shade, have become the homes to many of Roawia's less, civilized, races and creatures after being pushed out of their native lands. Cave Goblins in the North raid the tight mountain roads, dragging their loot and prey into their dim cavernous homes. Orcs and Cyclopses parade around the southern and central swamp lands, and build great walled towns where only those unlucky enough to be captured see the insides.


Often times though, blended tribal gatherings will appear.


Tonight some lucky Goblins, Orcs, and even a Cyclopse gather to celebrate who the true "Pit Masters" of the Outlaw people are, in lieu of Prince Rogell's royal tournament to determine the same thing.


The two poor humans who are currently being warmed up for the festivities were not so lucky. At least the Garhim who will serve as a midnight snack later for the incredibly hungry patrons has a view of the events!


Another build dedicated to an online conversation. This one.


I hope you're hungry! Goblins are known for their delicious BBQ! Their Pulled Thighs and Spiced Ribs are said to be some of the best south of the Lenfel Garhim border!




This is for LCC/LOR ( (Formerly Lands Of Classic Castle) Lands of Roawia ). The full story of my character, who is currently not pictured, Boethius the Exiled, can be viewed here.

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Taken on April 18, 2015