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Pathfinder (LOR Outlaws Freebuild) | by Zachary Bean
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Pathfinder (LOR Outlaws Freebuild)

Boethius had been wandering these swamps for what seemed like years now. Maybe he was going mad. Surely he was going mad. He disobeyed a dying man's last wish, and then chopped him up for the fun of it. He did of course try to attack Boethius first. The justification for killing him was there, if you were mad.


Boethius found his wandering frustrating. It was just like the tunnel. No exit in sight. No matter what direction he went, everything looked the same. More swamp, more mud, more trees.


It had been weeks since he'd last seen a man. Maybe months. Who knew at this point.


He'd been surviving, but just barely. His wound was almost healed, but his bandages grew worn and moldy.


Boethius thought about the things he wanted to do once he got out of this muggy swamp. But his chance was almost taken away one day as he took a nap under the bright noon sun.


Boethius rested, lounging in a dry patch of grass. He frequently did so now that most of his prey were nighttime creatures.


The sun was so bright that illuminated his eyes, even through his eyelids. Suddenly he was shaded. Boethius opened his eyes cautiously.


Nothing but a small cloud blocked out the sun. Boethius went back to his slumber carelessly.


Then he awoke, this time because he heard something. A voice maybe? No way could this be a voice. Then he was shaded once again. Boethius opened his eyes, and was greeted by an arrow in his face. He lurched backwards and tried to grab at his sword that he had impaled into the ground.


"Ah, not so fast there." Said the man behind the bow. "You stay right where ye are or I'll plant one right between your eyes. And don't even try to grab for that dagger. Hey boss, we got a live one over here!" Shouted the bowman.


Boethius sat in paranoia.


A man approached, at leisurely pace. His face was hard. He showed no emotion, except maybe irritation. He carried a simple shield, and a huge axe. He was trailed by a torn cloak, and his head was covered by a cowl.


He spoke with a quick sign, "Alright lad, hand over yer coin and we'll make it quick."


Boethius sat, but made no moves. He simply starred at the man.


After a moment of awkward stand-off the silence was broken. "Hey, did you not hear the man?" Asked the bowman. "He said give us yer coin!"


Boethius spat at his feet. "I have no coin you fool. Now get that arrow out of my face before I slice your throat open and pull your tongue out through the slit."


The bowman, infuriated drew back his arrow as if to fire but the man with the axe motioned to the bowman to stand down.


"Well, I've heard worse threats, but that was pretty good for being put on the spot." Said the axe man. "What are you doing out here lad?" Asked the axe man.


Boethius looked up at him. The man did not reveal his true emotions, but instead just looked towards the horizon, as if for clues of Boethius situation.


"I'm lost." Said Boethius firmly.


"Well that's obvious lad. I mean what are you doing here." He motioned around himself.


"I was at the battle." Said Boethius.


"What battle?" Asked the bowman.


Boethius turned his attention towards the bowman and growled back at him, "The one at Maldrake's Fortress."


The axe man laughed, "Are you now? You're pretty far from that smoking pile of rubble."


"Like I said, I'm lost." Said Boethius.


"Well that's clear now. Alright lad, stand-up." Said the axe man motioning for Boethius' return to his own two feet.


"We're heading towards the Badlands, lad, and we could use an extra set of hands. You seem like a capable man, do you wish to get out of this swamp?" Asked the axe man.


Boethius looked at him curiously. "Lead the way."


Got that Mark Erickson landscaping going.


This was a quick 5 min build that I needed to bridge my story, so that's why it's so small, and slapped together.




This is for my LCC/LOR ( (Formerly Lands Of Classic Castle) Lands of Roawia ) character, Boethius the Exiled. The full story can be viewed here.

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