Inderhar Pass Trek

Inderhar Pass is the ridges over the Dhauladhar do not lend themselves to easy trekking. This trek over the Inderhar pass is no exception, even though it follows one of the more established trails used by the Gaddi shepherds enroot to their summer grazing pastures in the upper Ravi Valley and Lauhal. The ascent to the Inderhar Pass involves a continual climb often over screed or boulders. The views compensate to the south, there are spectacular views of the Indian plains; to the north is the sacred peak of Mani Mahesh Kailash and the snow capped Pir Panjal Range. Beyond the pass and will defined trail leads through the Hindu villages and temples to the upper Ravi valley.This trek starts with the gradually climb through the Himalayan region and turns into steep ascent. During this trek we will rock through rich wildlife areas well known for leopard, monals and wild goats. We will come across some of the best birding site of the Himalayas and have majestic view of might Dhauladhar and its towering picks like moon etc. We follow the following tentative trek plan.

TREK :- Bharmour - Holi - Kuarsi –Naag Dall - Inderhar Pass- Triund- Mcleodganj
DAY 1 Reception at Bharmour
DAY 2 Bharmour-Holi - Kuarsi
DAY 3 Kuarsi – Base camp (Alyas)
DAY 4 Base camp - Alyas Caves over Inderhar Pass
DAY 5 Alyas Caves - Triund
DAY 6 Triund – Mcleodganj

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