3d pan white

Janeway, v2

Please comment if you can... I like to think of these drawings as the beginnings of conversations.


This needs something to break up that huge expanse of the lavender shirt... I thought of one of those tricorders worn with a strap over the shoulder, but that might just be original Trek. Anyway, I like this alternate uniform. I also *think* I've pulled off a credible face of an existing person (as opposed to a made-up face) for the first time, here.


I posted just the face two days ago, and received 99 views in that time, when I usually get two or three for an image. Thanks. It's nice CPR for the ego. So I finished off this version of the entire image. I've just figured out how to do shading in MS Paint, without *too* insane an amount of minute eye work, something that's extremely hard on me. I'm learning, albeit slowly.

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Taken on October 9, 2012