riot jane

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    So, i'm a few minutes late but...Happy Birthday Bethany!

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    1. ICT_photo 25 months ago | reply

      A birthday AND Jon got his soul back for a day..... it's a good day!

    2. .insomniac 25 months ago | reply

      look what you did Vic. Thanks, now everyone is going to be saying I have no soul

    3. riot jane 25 months ago | reply

      omg. really, you can just follow me around Detroit with a camera, because you make me look like a total bad ass.

      you're the best :)

    4. .insomniac 25 months ago | reply

      I just might do that. Hopefully doesn't destroy anyone though

    5. Arianna_M 25 months ago | reply

      Lovely portrait, the light is fabulous! Happy Birthday!:))

    6. renanluna 25 months ago | reply

      Beautiful! Happy b-day!

    7. Moobyluvsme 25 months ago | reply

      Well I'm in a bit of a quandary here. I agree with Vic, but I don't like to agree with Vic. Suggestions?

    8. .insomniac 25 months ago | reply

      If you disagree, Vic will show up drunk to one of your house parties and start breaking everything in sight. Wait, do you have cool house parties?

    9. VKMUSTBEDESTROYED 25 months ago | reply

      Only of you think having a brunch, drinking Fresca, and going to bed by 8:30 is a cool house party.

    10. .insomniac 25 months ago | reply

      I bet Mike gives free 7D's to all of his house guests. I call that a cool party

    11. Moobyluvsme 25 months ago | reply

      Dude, I freaking LOVE Fresca!!

    12. VKMUSTBEDESTROYED 25 months ago | reply

      He hired me to park cars once. He also owns a panther named Tito Santana as a pet.

    13. .insomniac 25 months ago | reply

      Mike do you get tired of us making rich jokes about you or do you freaking LOVE it?

    14. Moobyluvsme 25 months ago | reply

      I still think you are the bastard who peed in my Bentley.

    15. Moobyluvsme 25 months ago | reply

      Jon, I'm going to have my assistant answer that question. He'll pick you up in front of the RenCen at noon today, in a black limo. Don't be late.

    16. riot jane 25 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the bonus birthday wishes! (and bonus banter to giggle about)

    17. lambertwm 25 months ago | reply

      Great light of course

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