The 'other' car – minifig scale lego Batmobile

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A little hardcore added to this 'other' car. Up to now, these are by far my favorite Batmobiles.
Please zoom the picture for maximum effect.

Front / Side / Cockpit

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  1. HHRRLL 21 months ago | reply

    Very good.

  2. Melo idk 21 months ago | reply

    After the recent Tumbler instruction come out. i was hoping this will be next in line for the instruction guide !

  3. Bart Kowalski 21 months ago | reply

    I too would love a break down of this like the Tumbler. One of my mates is a Batman fanatic and also puts on a Rod and Custom show in Australia: Chopped, and it'd be the perfect gift :) He'd appreciate the details and authenticity!

    RSSed this page in hope of an announcement <:)

  4. βig Rubber Mallet 21 months ago | reply

    I will third this instructions request.

  5. _Tiler 21 months ago | reply

    Yeah all that is really flattering and I appreciate it, except I'm getting "TO DO" lists from a lot of people lately. I'm a adult, I have a job and also a family and I just can't spend all my time making instructions for every single thing everyone wants. It might not look like, but making instructions in a logical and easy to follow way doesn't come that easy, and I can tell you I've spent weeks on the Tumbler.

    On a different note but related, I'm deeply disappointed with the response on the Tumbler instructions set. With some notable exceptions, very few of those who requested these instructions in comments or emails even bothered to drop a "thank you", and it would have been something nice to do, especially after pushing with messages like: "come on, it's been three months, where are the instructions?" So you end up thinking: why even bother?

    To conclude, I don't say I won't be making instructions for this one, but I won't make any other promises either. If I can find the free time for them, I'll make them, that's the best answer I can give you and I hope you'll understand.

  6. Agent WHO 21 months ago | reply

    You know guys, there is such a thing as reverse engineering... you can build the car, and learn some new techniques along the way.... That's what I'd do if I really want to build this and didn't have any instructions.

  7. _Tiler 21 months ago | reply

    ^ Don't get me wrong, some people don't have much experience with building and it's only natural to ask for instructions for something they like. I was talking about extremes. For instance, some guy emailed me asking me to send him the exact number of tan flags/wings for the camo version. I mean come on, how hard can it be to look at the pictures and count? And after a while, you just get tired answering three times a day to things like that.

    Edit: ...and you start thinking that posting instructions might have been a mistake after all :P

  8. Agent WHO 21 months ago | reply

    I used to ask for instructions back when I first started....
    But you know you're a good builder when people want instructions!

  9. Scruffy Mynxbane 21 months ago | reply

    Hotter than my zippo, man! Rat rods are the shtuff.

  10. Bart Kowalski 21 months ago | reply

    Completely understand; I can appreciate a deconstruction into logical sections showing each piece clearly enough would be very time consuming — and not a whole lot of fun either. Just looking at the tumbler breakdown I can tell it would take a while.

    Just to add: the main reason I ask for instructions from some builders is I don't have the resources to reverse engineer something like this, despite it looking relatively simple. If I had a bunch of Lego I would absolutely give it a good hard crack before asking the builder for help/advice. I've also tried to build some things with LDD but it's not intuitive enough for experimenting (for me at least).

    Anyway, I apologise if I sounded like I expected instructions. One can hope though :D

  11. _Tiler 21 months ago | reply

    No need to apologize, my tone got maybe a bit higher than I intended and your comment was the perfect opportunity to let out some steam. Thanks for understanding and yes, hope is is still alive ;)

  12. Melo idk 21 months ago | reply

    We understand how do you feel tiler. :)

  13. legowolf 18 months ago | reply

    i love the engine!!!!cool hot rod

  14. legobatbrick customs 11 months ago | reply

    Awesome... No sir the other car :D

  15. GeekyTom 9 months ago | reply

    back from the future and blogged!

  16. _Tiler 8 months ago | reply

    Thank you, Tom!

  17. clyde.egbert 3 months ago | reply

    Where could I learn how to make these chassis ?? some of your cars are kick-ass and I would like/love to make similar models but Im not sure how/where/some of these bricks come from what what base to use.

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