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Through This World I Stumble | by TI_in_Yosemite
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Through This World I Stumble


There was retaliation because of my post yesterday (Trash). As I went to the Post Office to collect my mail and send my daughter a little something; there were two National Parks Service personnel standing by the entrance, with their backs turned towards me. I think it’s an expression of stupidity or maybe I was being shunned. What’s next, a scarlet letter?

Once in the Post Office; I go to my PO Box, to be followed by a Company employee who has harassed me at work and stalked me many times. As I collect my mail and sort through my bills the noise campaign begins. Our Post Office has tall ceilings and the sound really carries. All will be silent or whispers until I start filling out money orders to pay my bills. Then, the noise level increases dramatically. One of my many neighbors (who live in the same building) walks over to the table I’m at, stands there and stairs. You would think she had a feather up her butt, by the stupid expression on her face. I almost brake into a laugh, but smile because of her ignorance. As I continue to write out my bills one of the Village Idiots walks over to the trash containers and lets the lid fall with a loud slam. He looked just like Carrot Top, on a bad day. I thanked him, as he walks out with the same stupid smirk on his face. They do this every time, to try and break my concentration. I’ve even had Park Rangers do it.

I walk out of the Post Office and there’s this older woman with a young child. She is setting on the ground with him, puffing away on a cigarette, the smoke blowing directly in his face and my direction. These sadistic perpetrators love to use children when harassing their Targets. She’s loud, obnoxious and the poor kid is flustered, it breaks my heart. If you say anything to them; they go off and make a big scene.

I’m off on my bike to take pictures for the day. I ride a few trails and end up by House Keeping Camp Bridge. I set my bike alongside a large Ponderosa Pine and walk down to the river bank for rafting pictures. I meet with some friendly people; lie along the bank and shoot away at the rafters going by. I finish that set and head up to my bike. Once I get there; I notice my bike bag open (unzipped) and two of the packages I picked up at the Post Office were sticking out. These perps love to mess with my personal equipment. They’re nothing but parasites; they thrive on the anguish of their Targets. I brush it off, had a good shoot and met some nice peeps.

I jump on my bike, hit the trails and wind up across from where they launch the rafts in the Merced. Again, I set my bike by a trail and head down to the river. Kids are playing, sun is baking, water sparkles; what a beautiful day. I take more pictures of people having a blast, launching their rafts. I finish my shoot, go back to my bike and someone had smeared a big gob of tree sap on one of my brake handle. I sat my bike alongside a stump this time. There were no large trees above and the bars were not touching. I can just picture some sick bastard snickering as I grab my bike and end up with a palm full of pine sap. I wiped it off and smiled at a couple of kids tossing sand at each other.

I’ve been at this a while and don’t let these pathetic parasites get to me. I had a great day in the Park; got some exercise, met nice people and took a few pics.

Once I got home the stupidity resumed. At times, I feel sorry for some of these pathetic parasites.


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Taken on June 20, 2012