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Cherry Knowle Mental Asylum. (13-3-2011)

This is Cherry Knowle Mental Asylum in the North East of England designed by the Architect: George Thomas Hine it was built between 1891 - 1895 and an isolation hospital and infirmary block were added in 1902, and is 1049 ft long from end to end and with corridors over 300 ft long, its a very creepy place to be near on a dark or foggy night and i don't scare easily , patients have been know to escape form this building quite alot , its now abandoned which i think makes it more creepy , if you go inside the place alot of the old stuff is still left behind just as if they left in a hurry , operating tables , medical cabinets , beds , and even patients oil paintings.


This place is totally MASSIVE and it even has its own build in church it has a swimming pool and a theater with stage and its own morgue to store dead bodies, all of witch has been abandoned , it was abandoned in 1995 , 100 years after it opened.


This place really is MASSIVE, it goes on and on, some corridors are over 300 ft long and the building is spread 3 floors, the church alone is over 100 ft tall, its unbelievable how big this place really is, its not possible to see it all at the same time.


This has been comented on, on TV and in the news papers as been the most haunted hospital and mental asylum in the country.


On the same grounds where this stands is the new Cherry knowle mental asylum buildings that now houses all patients , them new building are alot less creepy because they look more new ( from the 70's ) and don't look like the style of building norman Bates lives in ( physco film ) lol.




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Taken on March 13, 2011