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Even now. when we are not lost, aren´t we? the nonsure-reality falls. into true impossed transition. madness for shell-freedom. while planet waving. inside colors. in fear of pure shakes. by confussion. breaking minds heading lines. to curves melt the spaces. for dignity in change. on the philosophy table. Arthur´s sword deep. sharps rock rotten by the lust. of egotism and necius. endophilofalse humanism. in disorder by aclamation. from the pure human basis. where beats the golden hearts. Even now go for new sun ..._ ..._ and all seems so pure. and turns so strange. as they talk. between me and you. and the mirrored illusion. echo voices from revived past into glory. to come. that time. that never was. but. in our false memories. Even go for the new sun. hands and back against the sun. while our fingerprints tell so much about us. in the way to nowhere. to chaosland. humankind even go. for a new sun. ahead with you. and... now. go for it. run. time to get the futurible chance. now that you feel so good.

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Taken on April 28, 2011