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Hospital:E.R (contest) | by ~JalopyFusion~
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Hospital:E.R (contest)

I wanted to do something that knowbody but me has done, I used one of Awkwardly's co-doctors so it would seem like the doctors were all together...So credit to Awkwardly for second doctor...Story will be posted soon...


Edit (story): We finally found it! Almost 4 days of searching and we found it! Those beers came in to good use sadly some of the doctors got drunk and wondered of into the Hospital armed with nothing. (What's going to happen to them?) But it was nice to finally have a break, the head doctor says tommorow we will crack that baby open...But me and my friend here can't wait a second, after everbody went to sleep we injected them with a sleeping dose so they wouldn't wake up to see we were gone... As soon as we were finished we strolled around this wreched hospital following the red pipe..As soon as possible we came took off most of the wood and removed the chair to leave nothing but a few piece's of wood left on the ground. (the orginal people probally didn't have enough time to place these) My friend here complained obout stepping on some goo thing...(god knows what it was) harsh breathing and coughing took us by just seemed as the light's from outside grew we both turned around to see what was causing the dimming of the light a figure in a patient robes covered in blood, spit, and vomit blocked the door, three black figure's hid in the shade came to play too...What have we got are selves into?

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Taken on May 1, 2011