• Think you have enough? :D - Wafflebottom
  • one of those "found it in a pickabrick wall" moments that I didn't really think through. It happens pretty much every time I visit the wall.
  • I understand. I have about twice this many now. - The Magic Tuba Pixie
  • Holes or studs that is the question...;-) - John Lamarck
  • Holes, and this is sweet ordnance - Karf Oohlu
  • The nose cone is perfect - Lego Pilot
  • i'd rather choose studs (filling the holes with technic half pins). - John Lamarck
  • I just didn't want them to be any thicker than they already are. I will give it a try though.
  • nice solution here! - J.Stan.
  • space shuttle? - J.Stan.
  • shuttle adventure, I have one too - Lego Pilot
  • studs facing inwards ? - Lego Pilot
  • Is this part filled in or is it hallow? - GreekCharioteer
  • I really want to get shuttle adventure. - GreekCharioteer
  • How did you get so organized? Did you collect all these pieces or did you buy them in bulk so you don't have to sort them. - Pilot Builder
  • Clever tile storage. - Dave Shaddix


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I am still waiting on a few more parts in correct colors and I will probably play a little more but I've had this sitting around so long that I couldn't wait anymore.

I was trying to get this done for the military build competition but I got a little delayed....

Suggestions always welcome!

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  1. Fleebnork 45 months ago | reply

    Personal anecdote time:

    When I was a kid, we lived in Montana. My Stepdad's secretary was married to an FBI agent. He was apparently the contact for Victor Belenko, who lived somewhere in that part of the country.

    I received as a gift, the book Mig Pilot, autographed by Victor Belenko.

    It's nice to see a good Lego version of the MiG 25. :)

  2. J.Stan. 45 months ago | reply

    I would agree to have the cockpit moved forward two studs. Cool solution to the missiles (something I had a hard time with on mine) and great choice of parts for the vertical stabilizers.
    can't wait to see more pictures! (don't forget a top-down picture to show the planform, if you can). Also I admire your dedication to get the landing gear right.

  3. Phall Macaroni 45 months ago | reply

    That looks really good so far.

  4. GreekCharioteer 45 months ago | reply

    This looks really nice. I like the look of the tail fins or whatever you call them.

  5. GreekCharioteer 45 months ago | reply

    Family vacation? You said you have a wife, but do you have kids?

  6. Pilot Builder 45 months ago | reply

    Awesome, right now I am working on building a MIG-23 Flogger and then I am going to try building on a MIG-21 Fishbed. But your MIG is great and yours will be inspiration if I get around to making a MIG-25 Foxbat. Great Work. =]

    Oh, by the way don't change the colors to much because most of the MIG-25 are a light grey like you have it now. I know this because i have a book called MODERN FIGHTING AIRCRAFT From 1945 to Present Day.

  7. LegendBrick 45 months ago | reply

    Excellent Job Right Here!

  8. MacBoiiPro [deleted] 45 months ago | reply


  9. GreekCharioteer 45 months ago | reply

    How do you orginize your legos?

  10. psiaki 45 months ago | reply

    there are three "levels" to my sorting

    first everything is broken down by element type. Bricks, plates, modified plates, minifig accesories, technic parts, wedges, slopes etc....

    some of those "types" are broken down further to the part level, where each individual part within a type has its own bin. I sometimes even go further to then sort by color.

    I try to keep parts closer to front and center that I think I use more, though I also keep similar elements together. Example: I tend to build in gray a lot more than in yellow, but all of the 1xn drawers are in the same region instead of keeping the gray close at hand and the yellow far off.

    That's about as good an explanation I can give short of telling you what I have in each drawer.

  11. GreekCharioteer 45 months ago | reply

    Thanks. I orginize my legos by general type right now. Once I get a lot more legos, I think I'll orginize them more specifically.

  12. Julius D. 44 months ago | reply

    Great model, really excellent. The only thing I'm wondering about, is which version of Foxbat you made? Because this sort of camo (short dark grey nose cone) is typical for reco/bomber versions, which can't be equipped with R-40 missiles, only bombs.Also looking at the position of those two dark grey tiles under canopy, I think you were making BM version, which were allowed to carry Kh-58 air-to-surface missles, but did not have any air-to-air armament,or RBS/RBSz version,armed with FAB-500 bombs.

  13. psiaki 44 months ago | reply

    I have no clue what version I'm making! The nose paint scheme is just what I could do and I really wanted to put the big missiles on it. I didn't realize those don't go together.

  14. ScottishCharioteer [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

    I've got a plane similar to this going. It is really not based on any real plane( save the tail fins) but I'me really happy with how it's turning out. I think I'll call the the K-198 Viper.

  15. Buff83ST 44 months ago | reply

    Heavens... That thing is great. What a beast... Did I get it right from the comments that it is built in the scale 1:36? I especially love the missile design, the intakes and the vertical stabilizers.
    I don´t know why I missed this. I check your stream rather regularly, but still...
    Best regards,

  16. -Mainman- 41 months ago | reply

    I'm not sure how I missed all your photos of this until now. I'm lucky you didn't finish it in time for the contest!

  17. roy_allen0424 15 months ago | reply

    is that foxhound or foxbat???

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