• Brilliant! - Stefan Schindler
  • Ew.
    Why did you use the new R2 head? The old one is by far better. - Freedom01
  • oh I heartily disagree! If you have any of the new ones I'll be glad to trade up my old ones!
  • I agree with Mike the new one is far better - it's silver for a start - which it should have always been and the printing does't stop half way down the dome! - JonHall18
  • I guess when you point those out. But I find the new head to be really cartoony. Thats why I don't like it. - Freedom01
  • Settle halfway; the new-but-not-Clone-Wars-R2 isn't cartoony, but the printing spans the whole piece. - -Legomancer-
  • That's not settleing halfway at all. - Freedom01
  • piece number?? - marco297
  • What is this piece? - phddickied


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I've been messing with this thing far too long. I figure if I post some pictures it will bring closure.

My credits:
John Lamark for the "square" laser cannon bases.
L-DI-EGO for his laser "flashback suppressors"

Lastly, darkmin, because his technic X-wing idea is awesome. (A lot of the dimensions are off but I Love all the angles he worked out.)

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  1. xwingyoda 48 months ago | reply

    I bow to you sincerely, what a thing of beauty :)

    I really love the work on the wing canons, engines and back part of the hull (sorry don't know the name in english).

  2. Tagl 48 months ago | reply

    I'd say you didn't mess anything on this one. Seems to me I see every single minute you spent. This is far the best x-wing I remember at this scale.

  3. Blockaderunner 48 months ago | reply

    Outstanding....looks perfect in every way.

  4. L-DI-EGO 48 months ago | reply

    A very brilliant X-Wing MOC, Psiaki!

    And thanks for the credits. I must admit that I was not very satisfied with my original version of the flashback suppressors, but I am pleased to have been helpful for you.

    I should say that the X-Wing you linked isn’t a final version. Currently, I’m working on an improved T-65, with a redesigned main structure and changes in some inaccurate sections.

  5. Faŋg007 [deleted] 48 months ago | reply

    way better than legos version!

  6. Toradoch 48 months ago | reply

    Very slick. Is that the canopy from the UCS Snowspeeder, canted back on angle and sunk below the main line of the fuselage?

    Love how it easily straddles the line between model and playable set.

  7. flailx 48 months ago | reply

    You've been blogged sir! Great work Mike!

  8. thebrickshipyard 48 months ago | reply

    Your X-wing has reached masterpiece status for mini-fig scale. I agree with Toradoch- perfect balance of model and playability. You are to be admired! :)

  9. TK-949 48 months ago | reply

    I want instructions for this one!
    Seriously the best X-Wing I've ever seen.

  10. psiaki 48 months ago | reply

    Thanks! I'll look forward to seeing pictures of that when you're ready. I really liked the way you decided to the nose on yours SNOT which is what inspired me to try the solution I came to.

    I know people have done that besides John, his was just the first time I saw it where I thought of trying it right afterward. I'm still not entirely sold on that part but I've come to the conclusion that it looks much better than 1x1 rounds (in terms of diameter)


    Don't hold your breath!

  11. TK-949 48 months ago | reply

    Maybe at least some pics how you did the internal wing mechanism?
    Pretty please????

  12. BrickChef 48 months ago | reply

    This is by far the best lego x-wing I,ve ever seen. most make the nose look far too blocky.

  13. Haystack Hair 48 months ago | reply

    *wipes away tear* it's so perfect..

  14. phddickied 46 months ago | reply

    This thing is awsome. Great job!

  15. Lego Guy1 45 months ago | reply

    Amazing job!

  16. GreekCharioteer 44 months ago | reply

    whadja do whith the military helicopter pics? please put them back on.

  17. hrcywindu 43 months ago | reply

    Not the most accurate one, but definety the coolest one I've ever seen.

    But seriously, intakes should be four studs wide.
    Btw. I've decided to build my own version of X-wing in next few months.

  18. opustrader 36 months ago | reply

    Good done with your work!

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