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After looking at my old huey for a while I realized the landing skids were pretty terrible. Here is an update.

This will be sold/auctioned(?) in creations for charity in november. The model will include door gun(z!) and four crew members.

Yes, my photostream is getting very repetitive. If you're bored I can suggest looking at this or this or this or this or this instead.

(no real relevance to that list, just some things I've taken an interest to in the last week or so)

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  1. Legohaulic 54 months ago | reply

    You could still use the half-pin sizes. That gives you the option of dark and light gray, white and blue. You just end up with more of the 'ribbed' look with the half-pins.

  2. Zab. 54 months ago | reply

    you should put a M60 or a minigun in the door.

  3. Rolling bricks 54 months ago | reply

    Excellent job, especially the rotor mechanism !

  4. Nieks G. 54 months ago | reply

    WoW! Very nice!

  5. gambort 54 months ago | reply

    And red and clear ;)

  6. psiaki 54 months ago | reply

    True, the half pins and 3/4(?) pins would work, but like you said, I think it would look a little too ribbed.

    and white and blue!

  7. Alex Pistachio -TPI- 54 months ago | reply

    How much will it be sold for?

  8. gambort 54 months ago | reply

    Tyler already got them ;) I wasjust throwing in the stupidly expensive parts.

  9. Obxcrew [deleted] 54 months ago | reply

    Excellent work! The rotor assembly in particular is fantastic.

  10. lego slayer 54 months ago | reply

    This is amazing. Any word on a price?

  11. Nannan Z. 54 months ago | reply

    No idea on the exact auction start bid yet, they'll be available in November.

  12. Tómmy 53 months ago | reply

    Just beautiful! Absolutely genius work!

  13. The Lumpy Lobster 51 months ago | reply

    ^ ?
    Very KEWL! Keep up the good work.

  14. GreekCharioteer 45 months ago | reply

    Why would that make a difference?

  15. siwo1 43 months ago | reply

    your picture SIP......good toys..

  16. lmaccp 42 months ago | reply

    Best Huey EVER built. I really love it!

  17. KheSahn68 39 months ago | reply

    Brickshelf doesn't work : (

  18. United builder [deleted] 36 months ago | reply

    How to you connect the black pins at the bottom please reply

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