• RaWr! - legözfreak
  • This part looks kind of stiff built like this, maybe it should look more flexible. That would be my only gripe. - Adrian Florea
  • Yeah, that was the first thing I did (which inspired the rest of the model). I'm not sure what to make it out of instead though.
  • Jeff Goldblum ftw - Mos Doomsday
  • LOL - Karf Oohlu
  • Could you do something with technic liftarms maybe? - gambort
  • not sure, I'll play around some.
  • Nom nom nom - squantotron
  • (His last thoughts) " I always wanted to be a dentist" - legomocs
  • Why brown? - NIRDIAN
  • At the time I didn't have enough black
  • Awesome tree - Cactuscwekerij

Bad Day

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I know it's not 100% accurate, but whatever....

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  1. CharlieBoy808 69 months ago | reply

    from the moment i saw the pic i instantly knew that i had to comment on this... simply amazing!

  2. nismojunkie7287 [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

    wow just wow

  3. "MOOSE" 69 months ago | reply

    I love the SNOT built cliff!!!
    I have been wanting to buy some BURP pieces for this purpose but now I think i will build it similar to yours.

    Looks Great.

  4. kiwiwaldo 65 months ago | reply

    holy crap were do you get all of those friken legos

  5. marcpolarbear 62 months ago | reply

    there are two t-rexes in the movie. :P

  6. Dr. X. 61 months ago | reply

    ^And in the book. I never saw the movie, but I did just read Crichton's book a few weeks ago.


  7. Skippy 3000 60 months ago | reply

    The book and movie sucked! But this model is grand.

  8. OrigamiFanPete 59 months ago | reply

    not 100 procently accurate? i think it is! absolutely fabulous! it had to swallow thousands of pieces!!! unbelievable! i am a bit envious how many bricks you have and your skills! =P

  9. bunnyman7 57 months ago | reply


  10. legomansam 56 months ago | reply

    how long did that take to billed?

  11. Mayo Prime 56 months ago | reply

    Where's the baby?

  12. 1962oldsguy 52 months ago | reply

    I have invested about $20,000. in legos. I own a ewok vilage, 3 foot tall lego trees, and complete custom endor EVERYTHING minus the small kits used to spoof it up.. I have jurassic park #2 next to it, with a back drop city in the background, and the dinosaur ravaging threw New York, also I have jurassic park, John Hammond's creation, (very detailed) and some smaller sets, plain crash, auto salvage yard... yada yada yada.... but I would like to perfect my scenes... I will give you $150. for all the minifigs, dinosaurs, and vehicles used in this set.. plus the instructions.. demammothman@live.com

  13. stickey 52 months ago | reply

    ^Are you like a millionaire?

  14. blue62convert 51 months ago | reply

    Hello, Its me 1962oldsguy... I couldnt access my account!!! #$%^$! : (
    No, I am not a millionaire, but I do own a Fish Fossil business in Bend, OR. I havent heard back from the owner.... or creater

  15. name.- [deleted] 47 months ago | reply

    Puh a lot of wok on that! Fav'd

  16. bangus75 45 months ago | reply

    i have seen that movie 2

  17. Darthmonk867 38 months ago | reply

    This is amazinG!

  18. marvin-hartmann 36 months ago | reply

    Fantastic !!!! O-:

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