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Mission 13 | by McCluckles
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Mission 13

: : Haze Mission Log : :

: : Holding Out : :


Run. Halt. Defend. Run some more. There really is no rest for the weary. I have not updated my log since last mission. Time is a precious thing and when you are in the thick of it, time passes in a blink of an eye. Squandered and spoiled by those who have nothing to do. But on the front lines, its as precious as Bacta or the unity of those who stand beside you.



CC-5755 "Hull": : Haze, C'mon we have to move. The target has moved


CC-5038 "Haze": : Where is he off to? We have chased his sorry backside for a day and a half now. Surely he would have bolted by now.


CC-5755 "Blast": : Slippery and Dangerous are the 3 words I have heard time and time again when describing this low life.


CC-5038 "Haze": : Hmm, that's what I'm most worried about. Keep sharp.



We had to venture out onto the asteroids surface and headed to wards a small rise with a bunker built into the rock. Antennas and flood lamps lit up a small plateau.



CE-6021 "Sparks": : Theta, Over here!


One of the lads from the engineer core waved us over. Sparks and Rifle, if memory serves.


CC-5038 "Haze": : Whats the situation? Found the target.


CE-6761 "Rifle": : Yup, The Nemodian is in this bunker. Don't worry we've hacked the windows controls they are darkened and he can't see out. There is a hatch down on the platform. We where hoping you could breach and clear? Me and sparks would not last a second...



He was cut of by an explosion. before we could even question what that was a horde of clankers swarmed us. Pouring out of every crater and crevice. Blast and Sparks slid down onto the plateau and opened fire cutting down an SPD and Crab droid. Rifle took cover behind a Lamp and tossed one of his signature EMP grenades down to Sparks who caught it, loaded a rocket launcher and fired into a particularly large group of Clankers.



CC-5755 "Hull": : Command this is Theta, any air support available we have encountered heavy resistance. Over.


: Command : Limited but we will prioritize whatever you need. Is Lok Durd in custody yet? Over.


CC-5038 "Haze": : This is Haze. Give us a minute or two and we'll get back to you. Over.


: Command : If you insist. Gunship 'Legionnaire' has been scrambled. Over


CC-5038 "Haze": : Affirmative. Out. Alright Men, Blast Get the hatch. Then everyone get down that hole unless you want to be on the receiving end of a Larty' cannons.


: : Log End : :



I might be at a bit of a Dead end but I am not Dead!

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Taken on August 28, 2012