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Lego Show Aftermath

Well... That went well.


3 Days of Non-stop Lego. New people, New inspiration, New techniques, New peices, New sets, New records,New faces, New ways of thinking and New Friends. All cramed into 3 days!!

I'll admit I am sore all over and I am a little fatigued but it was so worth it.

I met a whole cast of new people and we shared ideas and opinions.

Each display was so varied and different, it was fantastic!

My display was heavily praised and I am not only proud and a little Flattered, I am glad that other people like what I do :D


So the lay of the land was...

-On the right of me I had Tristin and Laslo (A.K.A Erth&Fiya) with their brilliant Batmobile, Speeder bike and Pod Racer, all where a sight worth seeing.

-And on my left was David Mackensie and his remarkable, minifigscale, recreations of Portmerion.


Behind me was...

- Jake, with his array of Space Ships and Orstrich madness.

-Alister Ryan With his Neumatic, Technic Construction Vehicles.

-And Sam (Jesus) Hammond with his impressive 4 by 4 Remote control Vehicles.


But then...

-Mark Stafford (Lego_Nabii) and Megan Rothrock (megster1) where in the Booth opposite, with all the many Spce ships, Tragons, Ninjago prototypes and Cusso Projects .

-Stijn (Red Spacecat was a stones throw away, with all his Micro space awsomeness.

-Ralph S. (Mad physicists) With His mid scale Emergancy Services.

-Peter Brookdale (cavegod2009 and the Huge Star Wars Builds.

-Petter Ried (Legoloverman) and all the turtle factory, greeble maddness, was behind that.


But then again, on sunday night I met some even more barmy and brilliant people like Tom (Malravion who sadly did not stick around), Drew who we drove to the resturant with (and also came up with an brilliant new Lego Game, Graduates vs Gorillas) , Alex (The Lego Master Builder for the Discovery Center), the other Tom and Mark who We sat with while we had a meal.


Now, There was a whole host of other fantastic creations and people there but I never really got chance to talk to everyone, which was a massive shame :(


All in all this was a crazy/fun/brilliant experience that I will most certainly want to experience again! :D

Thanks to everyone who came by my Table and complimented my many builds, I am very flattered by all the praise.

Another Big thank you to Warren Elsmore and all the other volunteers for making the Show run!


I do have some photographs from the show, but they all came out horrible because of my shaky hands.


One last Thanks to Mark Stafford who was happy to let me place my VTOL Gunship next to the Creation that Inspired it, The Gothica.


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Taken on May 7, 2012