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Mission 6.3 - Ultimatum of Gand | by McCluckles
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Mission 6.3 - Ultimatum of Gand

: : Haze - Mission Log : :

: : Entry 6.3 : :

: : Style points : :


Gunship Pheonix transported Blast to the Medical station aboard the Arbiter. He will make it. Just. luckily me and Hull had been able to get to the upper most of the Station before the charges ripped it in two. The part which us and a hand full of the 316th still occupied, was still pressurised and breathable although the station was now in orbit around Gand being pulled closer and closer to the Barren surface. Personally I think being aboard when it enters the atmosphere is a bad idea. So me and Hull promptley left. The guards positioned by docking point 'A' where a little bit confused when we appeared at the top of the corridor and pelted striaght for them. I mean who would blame them? 2 specialist soldiers running at the with newly aquired Shotguns (We'd found a crate in the hold). One guard figured out what we where doing and tried to stop us, But he was miles to late. I had already turned and gave a curt salute and fell backwards out of the now sinking station. Because sometimes you just have to go for style points...


: : Log End : :



If you find Hull you get an imaginary Cookie!

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Taken on May 8, 2011