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Jervis Bay | by Andy Hutchinson
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Jervis Bay

Many people don't realise just how big Jervis Bay is. It is in fact at least six times bigger in volume (and four times bigger in area) than Sydney Harbour. Fortunately most of it has not been built on, but there were plans at around the turn of the 20th century to build huge cities here. In 1910 a bloke called Henry Halloran bought up huge amounts of land around the bay and published plans to make two large settlements on either side of the bay called St Vincents City and Pacific City. To give you an idea of the scale of his proposed developments, St Vincents City was to have had 21 railway stations! His plans are causing problems to this day because of 'paper estates' - old titles deeds being sold off to gullible folks who don't realise all that land is now extremely protected and cannot be built on in any way, shape or form. Of course Jervis Bay dodged another bullet in more recent times when a planned nuclear power plant on Murrays Beach was thankfully cancelled in the 1970s. So, but for a few quirks of fate, this view from Point Perp looking west would have been very, very different. Happy Wednesday peeps :)


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Taken on February 5, 2017