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3D Farm (Stereogram)

This is a 3D image, a Stereogram. To see it your left eye must see the right picture and your right eye must see the left picture. So you must cross your eyes.


So cross your eyes slowly watching the gate. When the two gates cross over try get them to line up perfectly. Then the tricky part is focusing your eyes on it. It’s easier if your young.


Why does this work?


Well you have 2 eyes. The left eye sees the picture off set to the left of centre. And the right eye sees the picture of set to the right.


What I have done is take a picture off set to the left, making sure the images in pointing at a single object in the picture. Then I took a picture off set to the right, pointing at the same object in the picture.


Now when you make the left eye see the left image and the right eye see the right image, your brain sees it in 3D just like real life.


You can make these fairly easily, just choose a scene, choose a subject in the scene that both pictures will be pointing at. Then take one to the left and to the right. Then use anything, I just used Microsoft paint, to put the left picture beside the right one.



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Taken on January 14, 2012