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    1. GarishGirl27 39 months ago | reply

      About bioimage: You described yourself as having the frame of a noodle. A noodle.75lbs soaking wet or something like that. Do you .SEE. YOURSELF??? So, you're not only a talented writer, living in Portland (the cleanest, greenest, kindest, "We recycle but we're not snooty about it like San Francisco..." and "We've got coffee and IT'S AWESOME but we're not snobs about it like Seattle...") you love cats, and a talented artist with hilarious wit. (Wow, that was wordy- stay with me here I'm getting to my point.) To top it all off- you had to go and look like that. Seriously, man. You're gorgeous, with a kitten on you, which is just overkill. Therefore, I protest. It isn't fair, and it means you've falsely advertised yourself as not handsome. Plus, the kitten on your chest is woman-baiting, and we all know woman-baiting should only be practiced by the facially unfortunate. Sigh... at least you're self-deprecating. It could be worse. You could be all, "I'm Adam, and I'm (see list of attributes above) and I'm also stupidly handsome! But I'm not all snobby about it like Ben Afleck...." Should you ever see this comment, believe me, stop what you're doing and say "Thanks Universe!" or call your mom and ask her exactly when she made that pact with the devil. Thank you for your time. I hope you found these comments helpful.

    2. GarishGirl27 39 months ago | reply

      Actual constructive comment: Do not leave comments after drinking half a pot of coffee.

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