wall project
For my mom's birthday this year I am redoing her hallway as a gallery space for family photos. She's been wanting this done since we took down the frames she had up a year ago to do some work on the hallway walls and ceiling. The previous pictures that were on the wall were in all mismatched frames, some old and not in the best condition. Most of the pictures were from when we were kids and we just felt like this needed updating! :)

BTW: the key to this project is not using nails, but instead using command adhesive picture hanging strips to put the frames up. I didn't measure or anything, just eyeballed where the frames went with the strips on the back. This was a God send and so worth the extra money! Also, if the frames weren't perfectly straight I could then reposition them on the strips without any issues! The picture hanging strips are the only way I hang art in my home anymore!
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