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Lobsters Steamed in Chinese Wine & Cellophane Noodles (And "too many pictures?" story)

I liked how this lobster was served in a cleaner way vs. the typical fried and cornstarch thick sauce stewed versions. I didn't see any cellophane noodles, which might have been nice to sop up all the (if any) lobster juices.


That night was the first time I met KL, and when she jumped for the tomalley (green liver) of both lobsters, she also gained my respect and earned a gold star. :)


Here's where I share a rather embarassing moment. Throughout the evening MB, WJ and I were taking pics (JC left her camera in her other bag and TK didn't bring his out although he had it) and the waiter was super nice about letting us do this (surprising as most Chinese restaurants would be rather impatient). At this point with the lobsters, he made sure to turn the plate around so I was able to capture the plate with the lobster heads facing me. I appologized for any inconvenience that these picture taking actions might have been causing him, but he responded that it was quite alright. I inquired if this was rarely seen, but he responded that it was quite frequent... with the caucasian customers. Ouch, burn! Everyone at the table who understood Cantonese burst into laugher. I just hung my head. :P


We ordered the "Dai Gin Hung To" (meaning: wishing one a great success and fortune) Chinese New Year set menu from Ambassador's.

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Taken on February 20, 2008