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It's all about your personal interpretation of what you see | by iBSSR who loves comments on his images
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It's all about your personal interpretation of what you see

Creating a Minimalist House feels incomplete if not accompanied by a minimalist garden, too, with walk-over/drive-over floodlights, white gravel walking paths/driveway, a tree lined drive, mixed native hedges and lots of lawn. Our goal was a sustainable garden and an eco home that makes few demands on the environment.


However there is a very fine line between 'minimalist' and 'non-existent' or 'bland', as the afore mentioned components as such don't make a minimalist garden unless their use on site has been very well considered.


The design of a minimalist garden can take on many looks depending on the site you have in mind.


We like a miniature grassland prairie to create a relaxing space of natural beauty.

Lawn is actually a natural provider for our ecosystem. Healthy, dense lawns absorb rainfall very effectively and purify water entering into underground aquifers. The lawns root mass and supporting soil microbes act as massive filters that capture and breakdown many types of pollutants common to our urban environment. A healthy lawn also traps a lot of dust and dirt released into the atmosphere.


Green eco-friendly gardening is all about working with nature, not against it.


Mixed native hedges are a common sight in Dutch countryside, are part of our rich heritage and offer a range of benefits that go far beyond a natural fencing system. They help to maintain the fertility of the land (through mineral raising). Other benefits are soil management and salinity control.

The mixed hedges are perfect for supporting wildlife and increasing bio diversity. Our eco-garden is made up of native species, and is a habitat for birds and butterflies. Designing your garden to be friendly to wildlife really helps support a healthy ecological balance in the garden. Having a frog friendly garden too means that we have helpers in keeping slugs at bay. Birds are good at picking insect pests from bark and leaves. Ladybird beetles feed on aphids and help keep the mixed native hedges clear. The eco-garden design also provides places for insects and frogs to hibernate.


As much as people like the minimalist, clean lines of the BSSR Building, some believe a more trendy garden design, tailored to complement the house would have had that extra impact on the overall perception. And on a side note... in opposition to an extremely minimalist approach, a building as crisp as the BSSR House would be equally well complemented by a richer garden design which would create a powerful contrast between the two, so they say...


We love how it is, our private eco-friendly landscape garden...minimalistic and green in every way!


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Taken on August 10, 2012