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Arsenal | by ∠Eric The Red
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A good while has passed since Drongar. I've been re-outfitted and bacta-ized more than I would care for, and for what? Nothing it seems like. The Republic is at a stand-still in the war and thus are it's armies that lie scattered across every planet. Numerous reports of heavy losses have travelled across systems and so many in fact that some reports we are being told are fake. I personally don't care about this. I just care about where I'm going, with whom and why. I'm not necessarily told that information every time either.


I do know that I am being shipped to Cairns in the Bright Jewel System along with the rest of the 457th. Limited details though. We'll see what happens. Hopefully something good.


Oh, great.


Not only have we learned that there was a corruption in the 457th, but that Cairns was home to a Separatist base housing thousands of new troops. The 457th has been disbanded and some high ranking soldiers are being tried for treason. Apparently someone sold-out info regarding our mission to Cairns and the 55th Legion was ambushed. The 55th, as they were sent out first to scout the system, ran into numerous Munificent-class Star Frigates. Both of the 55th's command ships were brutally destroyed. Word is that we are mounting a siege to take the planet and look for survivors, but non-for-certain. I hope that we do this right if indeed we do, because it has the potential to go horribly wrong.


CT-7741 was killed in action above Cairns. A Separatist boarding ship boarded the ship he was on and he died defending it. He was killed by a thermal detonator explosion. Rumours are spreading that he shot the battle droid that threw the detonator hence he was oblivious to the grenade literally meters beside him. Cairns was liberated after months of fighting and his death was not in vain.


May the Force be with you.



That, my friends is the end story to wrap-up Arsenal's "life". If you read the whole thing you deserve a cookie. ;]

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Taken on November 13, 2012