Bill Gutman's Sports Bios
This is my collection of Bill Gutman's four-man sports biographies, 1972-1981. I bought these paperbacks as a kid through Scholastic Book Services's mail-order program. Each book has a 40-50 page profile of each athlete, though I liked them best for their front and back cover photos (note how the names are switched on the back). Among the ones I know of that I'm missing:

At Bat: Aaron Murcer Bench Jackson

At Bat: Carew Garvey Munson Brock

At Bat #2: Fisk Rose Bonds Cedeno

Awesome Foursome: Harris Bell Pastorini Fouts

Chairmen of the Boards: Erving Bird Malone Johnson

Field Generals: Montana White Theismann Anderson

Giants of Soccer: Cruyff Beckenbauer Rote Chinaglia (same format, but written by Robert Goldstein)

Great Linebackers #1: Curtis Buoniconti Butkus Lanier

Great Pitchers #2: Gibson Marichal Blue Wilhelm (same format, but written by Dave Klein)

Great Quarterbacks: Stabler Kilmer Bradshaw Staubach

Great Quarterbacks #2: Kilmer Bradshaw Tarkenton Lamonica

Great Quarterbacks #2: Kilmer Hadl Bradshaw Phipps

Great Running Backs #2: Morris Johnson Hill Little

Gridiron Superstars: Todd Winslow Dorsett Collinsworth

Long Gainers: Sims Francis Jefferson Campbell

Signal Callers: Sipe Jaworski Ferguson Bartkowski
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