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What Books do You Read? | by Barry Gourmet and Raw
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What Books do You Read?

What Books do you read? Books read by Holistic Chef Barry ?

“ For more than the past 2 decades of my life I had no choice but to read books on Natural Health and Disease Prevention and it was not because I wanted to do , NO ! it was because I had too”


Written by Barry Anderson aka Holistic Chef Barry © Copyright August 1 2013

“It is now the low tourist season for 6 months here on the resort Island of Phuket Thailand with my one empty room vacant or in hybernation until next time when the tourist season starts up again. I am using this time off to expand my one garden Bali Thai Style private room villa into 2 much larger comfortable garden apartments for a home away from home kind of comfort that hopefully will be a a dream vacation for any travelling Health and Fitness foodie on planet Earth. “


During this down time and with the small free time from construction of my Garden Villa Phuket . I will continue to move my body , eat well, and read books of my interest. The one book that I am presently holding in my hands is entitled “The China Study” Startling Implications For Diet,Weight Loss And Long -Term Health. Authored by T. Colin Campbell ,PhD and Thomas M. Campbell 11,MD


The forward is by John Robins, Author for ,”Diet for a New America” a best selling book of its time that I read when it first came out in the early 80s.

“The book “Diet for a New America” among countless other books shaped my life profoundly and effectively layed down the foundation for my journey of recovery from serious debilitating illnesses ,all the way to my present day vibrant good healht and fitness at my 59 years young. “


“I can honestly say that with out my decades of reading this material written by some of the greatest Health Experts of our time that my life would certainly be different and not for the better . May be I would not even be here but this is of course is hard to say .”


“Also I need to thank all the Holistic Physicians of the past who treated me , and now presently my Natural Path Physician friends and health care friends who I have close admiration and respect for. Their work that is in my opinion still is misunderstood , and unappreciated by the status quo even to this day . “


This book I have heard a lot about through the internet grapevine and now I have it in my hands as a borowed gift from my good expat babyboomer friend named “Sky Chili “and yes that is his real name.


As I read the first few pages of the book I know right away that I am into a literary health journey of confirmation of truth based on my own experience and for some of my past readings. Today more than everbefore since the internet was born we have informationa and delberate misinformation to confuse the consumers and it is ongoing for and I hate to say it . “For your money only “


This prelimenary review will definitely be followed up by my full out non biast review when my reading of this book is complete.

“When I first started my journey there was no internet and now the information is out there all over the web for us to make time and to invest in our good health but unfortunately we have become distracted away from the truth or the information on line is to be taken with a grain of salt. In my opinion there is only one entity that is unbiast , and does not have interior motives for her message and that entity is our Mother Nature . She is true as you can get and she is not trying to sell something to you .”


“Many years ago I came to a fork in the road and I had to make a choice of right path for my complete recovery and that path was not convenient to me and it was not a short one. This path I chose is never ending and is the right path for me. “

This article is about books that I have read for Natural Health Diet and Life Style Living and I plan to review for you some of my favorite web sites on healht and wellness at a future date.


The photo shows just a few of the books that I have read and if I may I would like to give worthy mention of a few that are not in the sample photo.

“A Promise Kept” One Son's Quest for the Cause and Cure of DIS-EASE by Dr. James Chappell

“Complete Nutrition” How to Live in Total Health by Dr. Michael Sharon

“Cancer” Can Alternative Therapies Really Help? By Linda Rector-Page ND. Ph.D

“How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine” Dr. Michael Murray

“Coconut Cures “ Preventing and Treating Common Health Problems with Coconut by Bruce Fife ND.

“Natural Pest Control” Alternatives to Chemicals for the Home and Garden by Andrew Lopez

To just to name a few.


I need to make a notable note in this article of Human Nutrition! I have a dog named Lucky a people friendly half Cocker and Thai mix and I have read my share fare of books on pet dog nutrition as well.


Unfortunatlely many of our pets have modernday diseases all stemming from wrongful eating from the commercial process pet food industry as well . So it is not only you and I but our beloved pets as well that are affected by our system of convenience and poor food choices. But this will be for my other writing.


For more information about Holistic Chef Barry please visit his Facebook at some tasty Recipes all under 15 minutes to make is here for your culinary gourmet experience at

“Read the books that make common Health Sence with Nature”

Holistic Chef Barry








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