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Beetroot-Salad-with-Mandarin | by Barry Gourmet and Raw
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Chef Barry Gourmet's Beetroot Salad with Mandarin Sauce Beetroot with Mandarin Sauce and why this recipe will make you cry?


Ingredients of your Beetroot with Mandarin Sauce


Ingredients of the sauce?


“Most chefs know that to make the recipe taste great its all in the sauce. The sauce is everything to make or break the recipe so special attention to taste and to the mix has to be carefully orchestrated.”

It is always a good idea to taste and make adjustments when creating a recipe then transfer your mental notes to paper and not the other way around. This is how I work. “ In this writing I included some short Health benefit descriptions for some of the key ingredients to give you more information of this salad.


“ We really are complacent in our thinking when it comes to the nutritional benefits of foods on the end of our fork. We really do not give much thought to where the food comes from or how the food was grown or raised. “


Sauce Ingredients:


One whole coconut (Earths largest seed)

Half a fresh lemon

3 Mandarin Oranges and more on the side

One cap of cold pressed Apple Cider Vinegar ( helps to give that tart flavor and is good for building hydrochloric Acid in the stomach for better nutrient absorption.) “ I used Coconut Flower Vinegar”

Raw unfiltered honey for taste “ I used coconut flower syrup”


Health benefits of including raw unfiltered honey in your diet ?


Method for making your Mandarine Sauce:


In your blender add the following :Half a fresh chopped lemon with rind and save the seeds.

“Are you a seed saver ? “ If I know my produce is organic I save the seeds for sprouting or growing in my garden. Or you can store the seeds in a glass jar in your freezer for later use.You can think of it as free food with some invested time as most people will through these seeds away. When I compost my papaya seed then after distributing the finished compost around my garden I am later surprised to see several Papaya seedlings when watering my garden. “


2 mandarin oranges in sections and with out the seeds.


Some of your coconut water from the coconut that you just opened up. Fill the blender just below the fruit line.


Blend the ingredients together then pour the contents into a mixing bowl.

Stir in your raw unfiltered honey or coconut syrup to taste.

Then add one cap of raw apple cider vinegar cold pressed and taste followed by adjustments.

Often I sprinkle natures original supplement bee pollen into the dressing.


Sir and taste to your satisfaction then your done for making your orange sauce.


Ingredients of your Beetroot Salad :


One whole fresh beet of course! Dice the beat finely on your cutting board .


Health Benefits of including whole fresh beets in your diet?


What gives beets their purple red color is a substance in the beet called “Betalain” Beets are loaded with Folic Acid, Pro Vitamin A, B-1 ,B-2, and the water soluble vitamin C. Plus this sweet root vegetable is a good source of minerals Iron,Calcium,and Potassium.


“Beets when juiced is an excellent tonic oxygenating the blood for better athletic performance and endurance, and is very detoxifying . If your stools and urine is a red color after eating beets do not be alarmed it is harmless. But this could be an indication that you need more hydrochloric Acid production in your stomach for better digestion of your foods. As we age we lose some of this capacity.”


As nutritious as beet root is the greens of the beetroot are power pact with magnesium calcium and all nutrients associated with leafy greens. What boggles my mind is why this nutrition is discarded in almost every supermarket chain. What a waste of resources! Why and what is going on with our salad beet top greens?


Reference :


One whole mandarin orange in sections and seeds removed.


One whole lime cut in quarters and seeds removed.


One Avocado with skinned removed with pit seed chopped.


Heath Benefits of Avocado?


A good diet needs the essentials of protein that is converted into amino acids inside the human body, complex carbohydrates from whole foods only , and the good healthy fats that you will find in the consumption of Avocado. This fruit or referred to as the Alligator Pear is rich in anti -inflammatory compounds that comprise several large amounts of fat that helps to reduce inflammation in the body.

Most of the nutrition is just below the peal that shows the most green and further down the color is more yellow with less concentration of nutrients. Very rich in caritanoids , and vitamin minerals plus dietary fiber this fruit high in the good fats actually helps you to lose your excess weight not the other way around. The same holds true for coconuts. “I eat these foods often and my weight is stable. “


Lab studies are showing positive results of Avocado preventing Cancers of the mouth, throat and prostate. Avocado is popular among vegetarians for having a good source of fats and proteins.




One inch thick slab of fresh papaya ( Note that papaya's from Hawaii are GMO produced with Genetically Modified Organisms so when in doubt just use 2 more mandarins. Papaya is a good enzyme food that helps digestion of proteins.


Health Benefits of including fresh Papaya in your diet ?

Papaya and Pineapple go well together in any recipe to increase the enzyme status or used alone to bring out the taste and health benefits of your culinary creation.

There are many varieties of Papaya same as the banana and this fruit with a rich orange red color is rich in the antioxidants Lycopene that is also found in tomatoes.


The enzyme named Papain is used for tenderizing meats and is good inside your body for food digestion. Most people do not know that the seeds of Papaya are very edible and have a pungent spicy taste to them. “I eat them all the time for flavoring and I would not be surprised if these seeds are high in the vitamin B-17 that are found in apricot kernels. “The seeds of Papaya a good source of saponins are well used for parasite and worm eliminations in the body.


“The leaf of the papaya is not known to be edible and this leaf is very bitter to the taste. On occasion I do chew on a small young papaya leaf in my garden for added health.”

When I first visited Thailand more than 30 years ago I hated the taste of Papaya and also the same for Durian. But our taste buds change over time and I enjoy the taste of my Thai fruits across the board. “




One garlic glove


Health benefits of Crushed Garlic ?


Garlic known as the Stinking Rose is a culinary herb that has a wide range of health benefits for the human body. Allicin in garlic is an antioxidant that increases the co antioxidant enzymes atalase and glutathione peroxidase in your blood. This herb is also a natural blood thinner and slows the aging process of your liver by inhibiting lipid peroxidation. Garlic is antibacterial affecting our bad bacteria we live with bacterial flora in our gut a whole 7 bounds of it for the normal healthy adult.

Garlic is studied for its immune supportive anti cancer effects on the human body.




One egg size red onion chopped finely.

Health benefits are similar to garlic.


A half cup to a cupful of your favorite loose leafy greens? I used in this recipe my garden green sunflower sprouts

A quarter cup of your favorite sprouts ? “I used lentil sprouts shown in the photograph.”


“On the side Natures first Original multi mineral and vitamin supplement “ Bee Pollen


Health benefits of including Bee Pollen in your diet? “ More enzymes than any other food on the planet . Contains trace amounts of vitamin B-12 and is considered a longevity food. I eat it every day of my life.”


A few raw sprouted leafy greens of your choice. In the photo I grew sunflower greens from my container garden clay pot for garnishing the surface of this salad.


Health benefits of including raw leafy greens into your diet .


“I would say for losing your excess weight and for supporting your immune system adding dark green leafy greens to every meal for the rest of your life is one of the best things you could ever do for your good health. The American Standard Diet SAD is woeful deficient in the mineral magnesium that easily comes from eating lots of leafy greens and these vegetables are also very high in folic acid.

The chlorophyll alone is generated from the photosynthesis of sun light into the plant itself and when you consume this food from nature you are consuming all the antioxidants and phyto nutrients that the plant has stored just for this purpose.


Human blood and plant blood is very similar in chemical structure. The only difference is that human blood has the hemoglobin produced by the iron that gives the red color and the blood from plants have the green color from the mineral magnesium. Both carry and utilize oxygen inside the body for human cellular health. People living on plant based diets live longer and this study has been well documented by the National Geographic Society years ago when people of the Blue Zones where under study. “


Method for making your Beetroot Salad:


In a large mixing bowl add your chopped beet root , including

the whole mandarin orange in sections with seeds removed.

Add one Avocado with skinned removed with pit seed removed and the flesh chopped finely.

First marinate your papaya in lemon lime juice and then add some chopped fresh papaya fruit to the mixing bowl. The citrus brings out the tangy flavor in all citrus fruits especially papaya.

Add in the diced crushed garlic clove.

Add your diced red onion.


Mix well and toss well your salad.


Putting it all together ?

Now pour your orange sauce into your serving tray.

Then layer your mixed beetroot salad over top .

Then sprinkle some bee pollen over your salad

Then garnish with your chosen salad greens

Add some grated lemon zest over top

Garnish with a few lime quarters and your done and ready to enjoy.


“Eating well does not have to be complicated with Natures ingredients “


The Garden Villa Phuket with

Barry Anderson aka Chef Barry Gourmet & Raw


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Taken on February 12, 2013