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Organic Egg &  Eggplant | by Barry Gourmet and Raw
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Organic Egg & Eggplant

Organic Egg & Eggplant “ How to make easy and fast health recipes for the busy person”


Written by Barry Anderson aka Chef Barry Gourmet & Raw © Copyright January 31 2013


“Eating right does not have to be complicated” In fact the more complicated the recipe is and the longer it takes to make then in my opinion the recipe is probably over cooked ,processed, and will take much longer to digest ? So for myself I make a point of making all my recipes less complicating and easy to make, using Natures whole foods only . Taking less time to make like under 15 minutes.And making sure that I use lower temperature and raw ingredient in my culinary creations for easy and efficient digestion. And of course working with wild crafted or organic produce is the only sane way to go.”

“Note that this recipe can be easily made into a tasty Vegan option with my additional hummus topping information thats added at the end of this food article. “ Recipe for one person and made in under 15 minutes not counting the time to sprout the chick peas for the Vegan version.

Also in this article I reveal your safest storage material for foods and why plastic storage is a bad idea.


Ingredients for Barry Gourmet's Organic Egg & Eggplant


First for the Eggplant marination sauce :


Half a fresh whole Lemon

2 whole limes

1 level tablespoon of presoaked wakame seaweed

¼ teaspoon of dry garlic powder

Your option of one level table spoon of organic virgin cold pressed olive oil (Temperate) or

cold pressed organic coconut oil ? (Asian) ( Either choice works just as good)


Ingredients for the main presentation :


“One organic free range duck or hen egg. No exceptions here . If you cant find that organic egg then make it vegan. “


3 or 4 chinese cabbage leaves.

I cup of evenly sliced purple eggplant

I medium sized carrot

One finger size of fresh turmeric

a slice of sweet red bell pepper to your taste

A quarter cup of fresh loose cilantro for garnishing

a pinch of dry red Thai chili powder



For the Vegan Version of the Organic Egg & Eggplant just of course omit the egg and use in its place a spread of Chef Barry Gourmet's Hummus delight for this tasty food presentation. (Recipe further down)


“To save time I always start with the cooking first before I work with the raw food ingredients. “

First boil a pot of water with the steam kettle and in a sauce pan to cover a little higher than the same level of the egg.Place your organic duck or hen egg in the water and let if boil for about 5 minutes for a soft egg. When finished use a spoon to place the egg in a bowl of chilled water . This makes it easier to peal off the shell later.


Blanching your carrot and eggplant

Turn off the stove after the water is boiled from the egg and add your cup of sliced purple eggplant.

With your medium carrot using a peeler peal slices of carrot across your cutting board and add this to the blanched eggplant in the hot water of the sauce pan. (Optional you can add a couple of crushed garlic gloves into the blanched vegetables for garlic lovers)



Method for your LemonLime marination sauce :


In a mixing bowl add the following.

Half a lemon of small diced flesh and rind and a little bit of the skin is ok ( Why because for some reason the taste is much more enhanced than just using the juice of lemon.) Also it is a healthier way because you are consuming almost the whole lemon with its dietary fiber and bioflavonoids.

Cut each of the 2 limes into courters and squeeze the juice into the bowl.

Mix in level tablespoon of presoaked wakame seaweed .

Add ¼ teaspoon of dry garlic powder

Add your option of one level table spoon of organic virgin cold pressed olive oil (Temperate) or

cold pressed organic coconut oil ? (Asian) ( Either choice works just as good)

Mix all ingredients together and but the bowl aside.



Now by this time the blanched eggplant slices are soft to the touch and place all this with your carrots into a mixing bowl. Leave the broth in the sauce pan.


Then pour your marinated LemonLime Sauce over top and mix well together .


Now to assemble everything in this delightful and very colorful dish !


I like to use a spear head leaf shaped serving dish for this recipe.

Layer your selected chinese raw cabbage leaves across the serving dish.

Then de shell your egg and place it in the middle.

Next spoon your blanched carrot,eggplant mixed with your LemonLime marination sauce around the organic egg.


Garnish sliced sweet red bell peppers around the edges of the serving dish.

Finely dice the left over raw carrot and sprinkle over top.

Grate One finger size of fresh turmeric over the top

Garnish with fresh cilantro leaf and stem .


Sprinkle some Thai Chili powder over your organic egg.


Then pour a bit of the blanched broth across this presentation.


The juices will mix in nicely with the raw food ingredients.

This is a semi raw food presentation that uses boiling and blanching for half the recipe.



How to make raw or semi raw hummus the Barry Gourmet way?



First I need to point out that I do not use canned chick peas or garbanzo beans for making my hummus for the following reasons. “


“All canned foods have plastic liners inside containing the industrial toxic compound called Bis-phenol A. The content ingredients are heated at such very high temperatures and when added to the can can easily cause leaching of the chemicals onto the foods. The food is dead and with out enzymes and any water soluble vitamin like C is effectively destroyed from the over processing. “


BP A is associated with a number of health problems and diseases that todays mainstream medicine is now addressing and not very efficiently ,such as breast and prostate cancers. Infertility is also rising in the US population due to the toxic effects of BPA. Plastic is detected in the blood of most of the US population today. And the only way to lower or even eliminate the problem is to by fresh fruits and vegetables out of the produce counter directly. This is why for making my hummus I buy the dry organic peas or beans stored in safe packaging and not in cans.


There is no question that ingested plastics is a hormone disruptor and the increase in estrogen in women is linked to breast cancers and in men the lowering of the male hormone testosterone is linked to infertility. Reference :


“” And how about our bottled water in Plastic e”? “ Is our water safe in plastic?”


“Personally I drink my treated water using RO Reverse Osmosis with Ozone treatment stored in glass bottles from the Singha Beer company in Thailand.And presently I am in the market for buying a good distiller machine that uses stainless steal only and a glass container to collect the condensed distilled water for making my colloidal silver from the Silver Edge company located in Arizona.”


“Try this test on your self. Drink room temperature water from plastic and make a mental note to your self about the taste? Then leave the same bottle in your car on a hot sunny day or sit the plastic water down in the middle of an open the lawn away from the shade. After about 20 minutes drink for taste only with out swallowing and tell your self what does the water taste like in comparison to the original room temperature taste? You will most likely taste the plastics that have leached into the water and only your body knows if this toxin passes the blood brain barrier. You decide what is best for your body?”


“Then next try this experiment . Boil some water in a sauce pan then turn of the flame. Sip some water from the plastic bottle and make a mental note of the taste and even write it down. Then place the plastic bottle in the hot water for a minute or so and taste , then 2 minutes taste, and so forth. You can draw on your own conclusions ? Plastic is leaching everything into our body and environment . In fact the largest landfill in the world is not on land at all , but instead out at sea between the continental US and the islands of Hawaii and it is the size of the state of Texas.”


Glass ,stainless steal, and ceramic containers is your healthiest bet for safe water storage.For more information below on the subject. Even when I mountain bike ride through the hot tropical climate of Phuket Thailand my water bottle is made of stainless steal not plastic.


How to make a raw hummus and to sprout your chick peas?

Ingredient :


One cup of dry organic chick or garbanzo beans.


Before you go to bed place the dry chickpeas into a bowl of pure water and make sure that the water level is at least 2 inches above the beans as they will absorb a lot of this water over night.

Turn off the lights and in the morning have a look at them .


You will see that these once dormant beans are now much bigger and you may see some stem growth at the ends?


Rinse and let them dry for about 3 hours in a strainer basket with a plate underneath to collect the drainage. Cover with a loose towel to keep in darkness but to let air in.


At one point when you check your living sprouts you will see them growing and when you squeeze one between your thumb and forefinger the bean is softer and biting into one is now edible to your taste.


You have 2 options now . Either you can blanch them in hot water or use them as they are in your blender machine?


After this add the following ingredients to your blender.


2 tables spoons of Tahini or 2 table spoons of dry ground white sesame seed.


2 crushed garlic cloves.


Half a whole fresh Lemon chopped including the citrus flesh and a bit of skin is ok.


The juice from 2 fresh limes.


One teaspoon of curry powder

One teaspoon of raw unfiltered honey


Add to the blender with your option of 2 level table spoons of organic virgin cold pressed olive oil (Temperate) or

cold pressed organic coconut oil ? (Asian) ( Either choice works just as good)

Blend all ingredients together until you have a smooth paste consistency. You may have to stop the blender on occasion and with a wooden spoon mix the ingredients together and continue to blend.


Pour and spoon into your taste testing bowl and mix in your adjustments until satisfied .


Then spoon your home made hummus over your Organic Eggplant Vegan Version Blanched Salad.


“Your done and ready to eat or serve. “


“This recipe is one of my Garden Villa Phuket favorites”

A nice mix of healthy dietary fats, proteins ,and complex carbohydrates all in one sitting.

Very high in vitamin C and E

And a great meal providing dietary fiber.

The seaweed provides the dietary mineral iodine that is missing in land vegetables in many areas.

Very high in the minerals calcium and magnesium.

“Your friend in Health always”


Barry Anderson aka Chef Barry Gourmet & Raw


Lastly there are so many ways to make delicious and nutritious hummus and I share with you my selected YouTube videos that I think will give you fantastic results. presented by Raw Kitchen


And this one video I am sure that you will like from my road home where you can get a good view of what the sprouted chickpeas look like.


For more information about Chef Barry Gourmet & Raw for more recipe tips for good health and weight loss plus lots of interesting stories about what it is like to live in Phuket Thailand at the Garden Villa Phuket ,please visit his face book at

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Taken on January 31, 2013