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How to make easy Left Over Recipes for the busy person.

How to make delicious and nutritious left over meals in less than 5 to 10 minutes flat for the busy person? This photo recipe was made only in less than 10 minutes thats good for breakfast ,lunch or dinner and made for 1 or 2 ?


Barry's Gourmet Tips on fast and efficient food recipe preparations for Food Left Overs: (FLO)

Written by Barry Gourmet & Raw © Copyright October 16, 2011


Introduction to Recipe Food Left Overs: Food for Thought and practical ideas for the Environment & Protection of our Planet Earth!


Hopefully after reading through this article , you may look and think about foods differently then you have previously thought of ? And possible you may decide to implement some of these ideas that I will present to you in this writing?


I will demonstrate the relevancy of this photo of food left overs with the connection of our environment impacting planet Earth today.


In this special report I will show you how to increase your nutritional status and at the same time how to stretch your food bill to save you money. Tips that are practical and easy to do and cost effective for you. I will also demonstrate how our individual food choices and shopping habits create a direct effect on the health of our planet.


All of us are faced sooner or later with this dilemma ? What to do with all the left over food ?

We have many options hear good and bad and I will address many of them in this article.

Since every person has a different taste in foods ,with different shopping habits its fair to say that whats in my refrigerator and kitchen pantry shelves will not be the same as what you have stocked in yours .

So this recipe and the following ideas presented to you will be treated as just a guide to give you some thoughts about how to handle perishables ,and how to come up with your own ideas for individual recipes of your own in creating something from nothing with left overs. You may be surprised at all the options that you have at your disposal , no pun intended.


Recipe ideas that are fast and easy to make , just by working with left over foods that we all have to attend to eventually. Just think of all that accumulated biodegradable human food waste near the end of the fruit or vegetables natural expiry date ? We know that the good guys ,such as living produce foods , do not have a long shelf life so we tend to buy less of them and unfortunately many people will buy much more of the long shelf life packaged process dead foods, (Those are the bad guys)that line most of the grocery store shelves these days.


Subconsciously consumers may feel that by buying a lot of goods and foods in one go will save time money and gas in their vehicle but in reality it may not work out that way at all. Did you know that globally more pollution from world freight transportation ,and storage is produced more from purchasing imported food products than the pollution created from all the cars around the world put together.


So do not feel bad when driving to the store often to buy locally and in season produce ,and locally made processed foods of the country that you live in. Personally I think of most imports as almost a luxury item, with a dark side of the story to it that I will address with you in this writing.

Just do as I do if you can , and buy the imports less often as a last resort and in moderation to save money on your over all food bill .In regards to your health it is fact that all food imports will lose up to 40 percent of their nutritional value compared to your seasonal locally produced foods. Local foods will not be exposed to the same treatments imposed on imports such as Irradiation , Fumigation , Preservatives,and Genetically Modified Organisms, GMO. In addition much of the imported produce is harvested prematurely and picked way to early and un ripe, to make the long journey possible overseas.


So in essence when you support your local organic farmer like at farmers markets ,in purchasing whole plant based foods in the country that you live in ,even with the higher organic price tag on it ,in most cases you still will be saving more of your hard earned currency in the end and your food is cleaner safer and comparatively much higher in nutrition.


The fact is in many cases the processed imported foods are subsidized by the tax money of the country that the food is coming from to compete in price with the locally produced foods in many countries around the world today. But with the cost of packaging shipping storage,oil prices,and retail mark ups the imported food item will still cost you more at the till. It all adds up in the end.


Generally speaking Organic farming practices are more labor intensive and are not government tax payer subsidized in such a high degree as chemical agricultural factory farms. This will reflect on the higher price tag of organic produce , over their conventional chemical farm counter parts.


When you support your local organic farmer with your purchasing power you are making a strong statement that includes the following. (1)You are protecting the top soil , and all the biodiversity of that farms natural environment. (2)You are giving your self higher nutrition , with out the chemical residues found in conventional produce. (3)You are enriching your own garden with safe and clean composted top soil only possible from organically grown produce.(4)You are protecting natures heirloom seeds that unfortunately today are in peril of extinction over time brought on by the bio tech industry.


The one good thing that you can do with your locally produced fruits and vegetables and unfortunately most people don’t think about this to much today, is all the SEED SAVING opportunities that you have .I am not talking about saving seeds from your garden that most all websites are talking about even though you can do this as well ,if you are lucky enough to have enough garden space at your home. I am talking instead of a more direct approach to saving seeds that will add more free foods to your table at no extra cost to you. It just takes a little bit of your spare time to set things up is all that is required.


First it is important to purchase only Organically grown fruits and vegetables for seed saving for the following reasons. This is something they do not want you to know about, but it needs to be told as I believe all consumers have a right to know.


Science knows that plants in nature by design,are very capable of absorbing inorganic minerals through their extensive root systems , and converting the minerals into dietary bioavailable organic minerals starches,carbohydrates,plant enzymes ,cell fibers ,and the green chlorophyl, that would make up the cell walls of the plant through out the stalk , leaves and fruit ,flower and berries. This is the best way for us to get our mineral wealth of nutrition , directly through the plant kingdom and not directly from the ground up rocks or inorganic mineral beds. The Bio Tech industry uses this plant delivery system to gage and to record how much of their chemical pesticide or chemical used to make the plant more pest resistant is taken up through the plants root systems. In other words how much of the pesticide or chemical is the plant absorbing systemically? Most people are under the false impression that the conventionally grown plant only has a residue of chemical that just takes a through rinse and bath to wash off the residues, but this is not true at all. Systemic means that the chemical used is actually absorbed via the plants root systems including the plants cell wall internal parts of the whole plant . So this means that the pesticide toxin becomes actually part of the plant. This is the part that you are not suppose to know, so that said it is always better to buy locally and Organic for your own health

and safety. It is believed by many that systemic insecticides,which poison pollen and nectar in the flowers, may kill bees and other needed pollinators.

With out beneficial insect pollinators like honey bees, butterflies and the like , our fruits and vegetables will not get crossed pollinated like nature intended.

There is a serious shift in world pesticide use from America to developing countries. Currently seventy five percent of all pesticides in the world are now used in developing countries and the use is increasing annually. Of course we know that much of this food is exported back to the US consumer market place.

The problem with agricultural pesticide use is the insidious cycle of the pests built in resistance and ability to mutate , forcing the chemical manufactures to develop even stronger chemicals that on average only has the efficacy of exterminating 2% of the target pest. The whole sale application of these synthetic chemicals take a heavy toll with wind drift, and leaching into our water supply, and assimilating into the fatty tissues of our conventional live stock.

With the lions share of pesticides being used today out side of the United States its really amazing that the Human Health and Environmental cost from pesticide use is a staggering 9.06 Billion US Dollars per year. This is the harm done by agricultural pesticides when broken down into categories reported annually that should raise a few eye brows.


Public Health cost $1.1 Billion

Pesticide resistance in pests $1.5 Billion

Crop losses caused by pesticide use 1. 4 Billion

Bird death due to pesticides $2.2 Billion

Ground Water contamination $ 2.0 Billion

Other associated costs $ 1.4 Billion

Grand total annual cost to the US economy $9.06 Billion US Dollars


That said if there is any good news to all of this , it is a fact today that the Organic movement in the US is one of the fastest growing sectors with sales increasing substantially every year so people are starting to become informed of their food choices and I find this trend very encouraging for these people.


But still we have a long way to go because globally we are self poisoning our selves , our environment,wild life and its habitat when we as consumers support chemically treated produce. I am not suggesting that we run from our whole living foods to embrace the packaged processed foods ,no way that is the last thing that you should do .

The best thing for your health is to stay on a plant based diet and support your local Organic farmer as much as possible and to save the seeds for sprouting and for planting in your garden. The next best thing is to make a transition over and adapt to a plant based diet even if it includes conventionally sprayed produce . And third stay away from packaged commercially processed foods as much as possible . I am not painting a broad brush across the processes food industry as I do buy a few selected products that are actually healthy and good for you and you can find them in some of my recipes. I plan in the near future to give you my secret short list of processed foods that will help reverse heart disease, increase your metabolism to lose weight, help you with cancer prevention, and to give you many more health benefits that you can utilize in your health program.


Reference wikipedia


"For the preservation and protection of our planet earth , our food choices do make a difference"


Barry Gourmet & Raw


And secondly another thing that we are not suppose to know, is the way our foods are treated in overseas retail markets between the more affluent agricultural chemical corporations and much of the third worlds agricultural base. Basically over the years the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA ,has been doing a good job banning many hazardous chemicals from the American market place for public safety which I agree is a good thing. But with all this banned chemical inventory , the manufactures cannot just cut their loses and start over, that would be completely unacceptable to them. So instead they ship all their banned agricultural pesticide chemicals to less developed third world countries for cash crops that in turn are to be exported back to the United States consumer for consumption of their own banned chemical pesticide product that effectively skirts around the EPA,s banned loop hole imposed inside the United States.


One good example , and I am sure that many of the coffee lovers out there will just not want to know about this. But disclosing this information is important for our health and I believe all consumers have a right to know !


According to reports that I read from MSN Health Canada, and the Rodale Organic Institute based in the USA research studies show that the number one imported cash crop for EPA banned chemical pesticide use is you guest it Coffee. Yes coffee crops overseas are sprayed with known toxins that are on the banned chemical list in the USA. And yes they are carcinogenic and take a serious public health toll on people that do not take care of themselves.Studies conclude that Cancer is preventable in most cases.

I know this because I have lived and worked in many third world countries over the years ,especially in the Asian region and I have read several times in the countries newspapers about banned imported agricultural chemicals being found on local produce that should have been used for the export market place instead.


So given the facts , it would be in your best health interest to purchase and drink Organically grown coffee only, even at the higher price tag.It is not cheap for the third world farmer to convert and to make a transition over to organic when the field is by law required to lay fallow and unproductive for 3 years before commencement of organic farm seeding and planting to obtain the Certified Organic label. In Thailand where I live you can enjoy organically grown coffee grown in the hills in the countries northern Chiang Mai province produced by the indigenous hill tribes people that historically grew poppies for the golden triangles drug trade years ago.

I have included for you a free PDF down load that shows the extent of how far a third world country will go to get it right for effective application of chemical pesticides.

PDF Down Load here




Barry's Gourmet Photo Food Left Overs Ingredients & Method:


First before I start listing the ingredients in this photo it is very important to note that for me the best way to utilize all the perishable vegetables is to make a plan of how you would treat and section them in a tasty and pleasing way.


I like to present the meal as a salad a soup or stew, a raw pudding or dip, and a beverage of tea,broth, or juice so I have options to work with .


In the photo I chose to present a salad ,stew,raw pudding dip, with a broth beverage.


STEW INGREDIENTS :Assortment of root vegetables like carrot ,beat, and turnip.

Legumes such as string bean, sprouted mung and garbanzo (chickpeas)

Some Brown Rice or sprouted wheat berries on hand.

Some cherrie tomato.


SOUP CONDIMENTS for natural flavoring : Dry onion and garlic ,& ground pepper.

I always keep a liquid broth of Shiitake Mushrooms in glass stored in my refrigerator.

Easy to make the soup broth by adding a few dry mushroom caps to a glass jar , fill with pure water seal it securely with the lid and store in the refrigerator.It keeps for a very long time many days as I continue to add water as needed.

For that salty taste for any of the salt lovers out there I use SOLE WATER.

Easy to make just take a pink ( they may be any color) piece of Himalayan Sea Salt crystal ,place it in a glass jar and let the mineral dissolve into the water . Of course different batches will have different salt concentrations so experiment for the taste that you are looking for .

Your other option is granulated sea salt as well. For your health all inorganic salt products should be used sparingly and in moderation only, and I will explained why this matters and address this point in this writing .


VEGETABLE STEW METHOD: Pour in your Mushroom broth ,and add to your liking,dry onion,garlic,and ground pepper. Optional for some people who like it hot and spicy like I do then add some Thai Chili Powder.

then taste the broth as it is heating and then start to make your adjustments. Add some Sole water or sea salt and taste , and if you want it sweeter just add some raw honey or maybe some savory tamarind juice? Tamarind is a long lumpy thin soft but firm thin fruit with a brown shell that can be easily broken with a knife and fingers. The fruit grows in South East Asia and is used in many Thai recipes. Asian stores also sell the raw fruit in different size packages. To make the juice or the sauce is really simple ,just put some in a glass jar ,fill it with pure water , mix it or you can even blend it and store this wonderful condiment in your refrigerator ,it keeps for days. Tamarind sauce or juice is delicious and I use it in all kinds of ways to get that natural sweet sour and tart taste in my foods. If you like the broth more spicy you can add a pinch of Thai Red Chili powder and for curry lovers you could try a bit of curry powder as well. You see how flexible I am with you ? Because not every one will have the same taste in food and really all our taste buds are different even if its subtle. When it comes to food one size does not fit all. Add all your root When your broth finally passes your personal taste test then add all your root vegetables to the broth and let cook on low medium heat do not over cook.

I like my root vegetables a bit soft on the outside but a bit crunchy on the inside ,and make sure before hand that all the pieces are as much as possible the same size for even flavor through out.


SALAD MIX: Any salad greens will do. Including an assortment of leafy greens, celery,fresh green herbs and even a few berries can be used in the salad.Some red bell pepper , a few nuts and any seed that is near by. You can even use presoaked dry fruits in your salad . You see there are no set rules hear , nothing is carved in stone ! You are the Gourmet of your kitchen , and that is the way I like to present many of my recipes to you, so that you can come up with your own creations using my recipe ideas as guides. I do not believe in paint by number recipes , I think creative culinary spontaneity that has surprises along the way ,including the finished main dish is the way to go. But that is just me!


PROTEIN POWDER TOPPING: Seed is better digested when it is Dry Milled to absorb all the essential oils and unsaturated fats.

A good method is to use a dry mill cup that comes with all high quality glass blenders.

Just place the cup on top of the blender unit ,pour in your selected whole dry seeds at any mix that you desire, such as black and white sesame, flax,chia,pumpkin,even a little bit of bee pollen

granules will give some savory sweetness to this protein powder.

Cover with the lid ,turn on the blender and in no time at all you have a very powerful home made protein powder that you can use to sprinkle on your stew and salad.


VINIGARETE :For your tossed salad. For most people a raw salad needs some kind of dressing.

Tip: Sometimes I save and old back some of my smoothie to use as a quick dressing to dress up my food left overs.

For the vinaigrette its fast and simple: One teaspoon of each of the following. Cold pressed Apple Cider Vinegar,fresh Lime or lemon juice, and Raw unfiltered Honey. Optional one grated raw garlic clove. Mix together in a bowl and toss your salad .Then sprinkle your protein powder over top.


Recipe Tip from Barry Gourmet & Raw: Its always easier to get the taste of the broth right first then add the vegetables later ,then to be wrestling with the vegetables in the sauce pan to get the taste right. Also not all the ingredients have to be left over foods , you should and can add some fresh ones into the mix as well.


Turn of the heat and let the flavor of the vegetables steep into the broth for 5 minutes.

Put some boiling water on the stove.

Now strain the liquid broth from the vegetables in your sauce pan into a cup to make your broth beverage and what is left over is your stew.


BARRY'S GOURMET VEGETABLE DIP: While that is going on you can make a simple raw dip or pudding like this!

Take that whole Avocado and de skin it ,discard the pit and with a spoon add the green flesh to your mixing bowl. Add a table spoon of any one of the oils that happen to be in reach and is available to you. Cold pressed Virgin Olive Oil. Cold pressed Coconut Oil, or Cold pressed Flax Seed Oil all organic as much as possible stored in glass or metal.


Mix the oil in and add the following ingredients to taste .Some diced tomatoes,grated garlic, lemon or lime juice,a little bit of raw unfiltered honey , ground pepper and sea salt.

Mix well and put aside.

For a vegetable topping I decided to use fresh broccoli florets , so I cut a few of the flower parts off and placed them in previously boiled water to blanch them.Then I pour a bit of Kikoman Soy Sauce on a plate,then mix in some Wasabi or Mustard powder and with tongs take each broccoli

vegetable out and swish the florets around the dish to cover with the hot and salty sauce . I turn them over and stick them in the my avocado dip and sprinkled with savory bee pollen.


How to share your Left Overs with your Friend for Two?


Of course you may not be alone in the kitchen when all this stuff is going on , and life is all about sharing isn’t it?

An extension of your family will most likely be close by to help you with all this.

Some times we have 2 mouths to feed and your furry friend could be right there johnny on the spot to help you with your left overs.

I am talking about your dog of course !

This is a great opportunity to clean house and to , bond with mans best friend.

Dogs are true omnivores (eating meat and plant ) and Cats are more carnivore (eating mostly meat) so the cat is out of luck this time.


To make a fast and nutritious dog meal for your furry friend just do the following.

Put some of your leafy greens in your blender and if you have some soaked seaweed of any kind stored in your refrigerator add some of that as well .( Seaweed is chalk full of bioavailable minerals and vitamins that you may not find enough in commercial dry dog kibble so go for it.)

Seaweed is a Super Food for both humans and dogs , and this sea vegetable is woefully missing in modern day agriculture. Seaweed is a rich source of the essential trace mineral iodine that is in abundance in this sea vegetable about 5 times more than milk has, with out all the saturated fat.

The essential trace mineral selenium and iodine support each other working together in the body as co factors so it is important to consume foods rich in selenium and iodine together. For example just 2 Brazil nuts a day would provide you more than your RDA of the mineral selenium.

Iodine regulates hormones that are produced by your thyroid gland located in your neck area. Today iodine is put in all of our iodized (sodium chloride) table salt and many processed foods.

But now with the high sodium salt intake in the western diet , more cases of hypertension ,heart disease is on the rise. Seaweed is also high in the mineral sodium with the iodine ,but its organically produced in nature with out the detrimental health effects of the manufactured processed inorganic table salts. Consuming more seaweed of all varieties will help regulate your metabolism ,to help you to all that excess body weight. Seaweed is high in all minerals to support heart health ,where iodized table salt is proven to do just the opposite. With some research we have informed choices that we can make in our lives.


Add some water and blend. The reason that I blend the vegetables for my dog and not serve them chopped is simple. Dogs do not chew their food, like humans can,the canine will bite down and swallow everything whole for digestion to occur in the stomach. Basically a dog drinks and swallows and no chewing of food. And the other reason is many dogs including my own is clever enough to eat around the vegetables to get to the meat first just to leave you with a bowl of uneaten vegetables to clean up.

By contrast humans start with digestion in the mouth to break down complex carbohydrates with the the enzyme amylase , allowing us to chew side to side using the flat molars of our teeth to further break proteins and carbs down producing a food product called chime that finally gets swallowed. This is how we are suppose to eat but today with our busy fast paste life with no time to spare we are starting to eat just like our furry friend does, and this is when we start to get into trouble with our health.

Pour the smoothie into the the dog bowl then sprinkle in some of your seed protein powder and mix it well to form a very nutritious gravy for your dog.

I am sure that we can agree that our dogs protein requirements are much greater than our own, and this is one reason why my dog eats quality proteins from human grade meats and not the carbohydrates and low quality proteins you find in commercially processed dry dog kibble.

Many humans take better care of themselves much more than their own pet and vise versa.

A pet is an extension of our family and all of us should research and find out the truth regarding the politics of food, the business side of food, and the truth about the nutrition of food that goes into our body and even into our pet every day.


I cannot fit all the reasons why I don’t feed commercial Dry Dog kibble to my furry friend named Lucky into this article so I am giving you a link here to find out for yourself to give you more information on the subject at.



Stored in the refrigerator I select any one of my previously frozen home made meat packets.

Originally the meat was steamed or boiled. A meat packet could have ingredients like,

Chicken, Liver, Beef, Pork, Duck, Lamb, all mixed with the broth.


If any dog owner is concerned about any cooked bones causing trouble inside the animals larynx or stomach cavity all I can say is my own dog of 7 years never has a problem with this, and did you know that a dogs powerful stomach acids do actually dissolve bones raw or cooked.


Add and stir in your selected meats to your dog bowl and serve. Final note for finicky dogs.

If you are starting out for the first time to help your dog make the transition from devitalized process dry dog foods over to real natures made home made pet food then do it gradually over time.

Dogs are no different than humans when it comes to diet and nutritional changes.

Feed often your human grade meats first using your hand and lead the dog to their bowl and in time your dog will be less finicky with the new natural foods.


From the photo presentation of left over foods I only gave my dog the salad greens and the milled protein powder only. The reason is simple as certain human foods are very dangerous for us to

feed to them and this is why I did not share my root vegetables, avocado and broth that has onions in it. I have a comprehensive food list of what all the human foods that a dog should not eat at the following site at

Just scroll down to the photo that says Barry,s Asian Salmon


I hope that you now see food differently than before , and that you are now thinking about your available options for protection of your good health, and for your pet as well, and for the nutritional support that you can provide for your vibrant good health.


“ Nature does not care what we think, what we do with our lives, or how much money it can get from us .Nature is there for us to connect with and to enjoy her gift of seed baring foods ,to work with her sustainably, she has been around a lot longer then we have,Earth Matters.'"


Barry Gourmet & Raw


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Taken on October 6, 2011