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Salmon Gourmet & Raw Recipe

Approx: 10 min. Lunch


Salmon Gourmet Chutney ,Dressing,Salad


Method for Salmon Sauce Chutney and Salad Dressing :


In a mixing bowl add the following:


1 table spoon of Raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (Bitter Tart}


1 table spoon of Lime or Lemon Juice (Sour)


Add ½ tea spoon of ground Mustard Powder (Hot)


1 table spoon of Raw unfiltered Honey (Sweet)


Tip: Stir and taste to see if it brings a Smile to Your Face ?

Remember that all people have different taste buds even in the slightest of degree.

Make adjustments to the desire of your taste using the 4 ingredients above until your Smile spreads from ear to ear. Great!


Optional: if you desire Salty then you can add a bit of Sea Salt or do what I do add a bit of SOLE ( A glass jar of water an already disolved pure christal rock of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt)

For the Thai people or persons liking it spicy and hot a little sprinkle of Chili Powder will bring out the effect your looking for.


Note Food for Thought:


To prove that all people have different taste buds ,just consider the following scenario.

If 100 people sat down to order a meal from the restaurant menu and the menu contained 100 choices. It would be extremely remote that all or even most people would order the same thing on the menu am I right?


Of course people have different dislikes and likes and cravings for a certain taste in foods that they eat. So it would be fare to say that the choices would be varied as much as the people ordering of the menu.


The whole structure and purpose of the way my Recipes are presented to you is to give you the opportunity to create your own recipes to your liking and taste. To give you lots of options to create and to explore exciting new possibilities of your own personal Gourmet Foods presentation. Remember when it comes to Gourmet Cuisine I do not believe the recipe should be written in Stone. The recipe in my view serves as a guide only to bring out the Gourmet in YOU.


I encourage you to be your Own Gourmet Health Guru Master Chef , to have fun and to share your Recipe ideas to every one around you.


Many 5 star Hotel chefs will taste prepare ,taste prepare to more or a lesser degree to make sure that the meal passes the taste test before it is served to the valued customer.

So it is a good practice to get into and after a while you will get used to it and it will become second nature to you.


Make your food choices Whole and Natural and taste test in your preparations when necessary and you will soon become your own Gourmet Food Expert at Heart with passion.


Chutney Herb Dressing preparation: Add one table spoon of each chopped fresh green herbs to the mixing bowl. Rosemary, Sage, and Mint


These herbs are very pungent and the flavors will blend together and uplift the senses when you start adding your Salmon Sauce to the Herbs and taste with your personal adjustments.

Put the rest of the herb dressing to the side.


Tossed Salad Ingredients:


Put a hand full of your favorite chopped greens into your mixing bowl.

Add some shaved Fresh Beet Root

Toss in a few cherrie tomatoes


Add loosely some soybean sprouts raw


For Temperate Zones Western : Add chopped apple with skins if (Organic) without skins if conventional ,put the other half aside.

Now toss your salad and add slowly your Temperate Zone Cold Pressed Olive Oil or your Salmon Salad Dressing toss again and taste.

Now to your satisfaction shave the other half Apple to the top of your Salad in layers.


For Tropical Zones Eastern : Cut 1 inch thick fresh Pineapple discard tough skins , and cut into small pieces and add to the salad and toss.

Add your Tropical Zone Cold Pressed Coconut Oil or Salmon Salad Dressing.

Sprinkle more Soy Bean sprouts on top.


Health Tip: Any left over Salmon Dressing can be stored in your refrigerator for further toppings to be used up in 2 days. You can sprinkle Bee Pollen and add your favorite nuts and milled seed over your salad for added superior Nutrition as well.


You will find below all the information you need for Steaming your Salmon Fish Fillet.



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Taken on April 18, 2011