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Baked Phuket Flounder Salad | by Barry Gourmet and Raw
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Baked Phuket Flounder Salad

Baked Phuket Flounder Salad

Culinary Healthy Tips from the Good Earth Chef One to Six

Gourmet recipe created by Holistic Chef Barry from his culinary good earth kitchen located on the resort island of Phuket Thailand .


Culinary Tips from the Executive Weight Loss Chef of The Garden Villa Phuket Thai Residence Phuket Thailand.


Phuket Thai Spa & Natural Weight Loss Health Residence located in Phuket Thailand. © Copyright April 28 2015.


Grand Opening is Late 2015 for the Garden Villa Phuket Thailand Natural Health Residence located on the resort island of Phuket Thailand . All free of GMOs No conventionally sprayed chemical produce and Organic Foods are first choice at the Garden Villa.


Important Notice to the reader for Terms of Use : You are free to share on the internet only my Photo, content , and links with out changing anything. And to give my self credit as the author of this content under the name Holistic Chef Barry Anderson. “Good Earth Chef “ Thank You



Note that Chef Barry did not record this exceptional looking and good tasting recipe but similar recipes have been made before by the good earth chef and in this important article about fish recipes a few key points will be touched on that people should know about .


Wild marine life will have trace elements of nutrition that is difficult to find on land such as iodine ,and selenium .And yes even vitamin B-12 because our land animals are not organically grass fed anymore .


1- Always cook your fish well so that the flesh is evenly done through out as raw flesh of any kind harbors parasites that even your wasabi or hot chili sauce will not destroy . So sorry sushi lovers for this bad news but it is true.


2- Use safe and healthy methods of cooking your fish . Yes to steaming ,boiling, baking ,stir or pan fry.

No to deep fry ,barbecue ,and micro wave that produces excess cooking compounds called acrylamides that according to the FDA Food and Drug Administration this kind of cooking is cancer causing in humans and animal tests came out positive for tumor formations when they where fed this kind of prepared foods.


3- Yes to using your cooking medium of water , bone broth , vegetable stock broth and to a lesser extent butter .

No to cooking any oils as the fats turn rancid easily . No to trans fat commercial products like margarine and vegetable oils . The food industry is using the word vegetable to con the public into thinking there is something good about their product .


They do this with the over hyped word “natural “ as well. This kind of cooking causes free radical damage inside your body and chronic inflammation like gout and arthritis and these kind of denatured proteins will eventually predispose a person to heart disease as the excess proteins researched in many studies will scare the inside of artery walls opening up the gate to more problems such as .


The essential cholesterol that our liver makes at the tune of 80 percent of our needs will get trapped in these scared arteries caused by the persons excess protein consumption. This is when the interior artery wall then becomes blocked by the colesterol causing stroke or heart attach in the victim.


So you see it is not the cholesterol that is causing all the heart attacks but the excess proteins in your diet that do not get expelled properly through your lymphatic function .


The purpose of your lymph fluids that are greater in size than your blood plasma 5 to 1 is responsible for flushing out all of your dead cells and un needed metabolic waste so that your newly born cells can regenerate and later die in all of natures plan. It is said that our complete body regenerates itself totally with in 7 years time . So we have a window of seven years to get it right or sooner .


4 – Never consume farm raised fish no matter what . Most all the fish sold is never labeled farm raised just like GMOs are doing to us so you are wasting your time talking to the retail store vendor as they do not know them selves the source of the fish . Your best bet is to do what Chef Barry does and by direct from the fishermen off the boats or a trusted vendor after conducting your good due diligence .


Eat the fish quickly with in the first or second day . Because there are so much heavy metal contamination in our environment only consume the smaller pray species wild and only as a condiment to your diet and sparingly . It is said from my research that drinking green loose leaf organic tea at the same time will chelate most of the mercury out of your body according to Fox Health News .


Holistic Chef Barry goes one step further . He makes an organic green tea herbal sauce to dribble over the fish .


5- All flesh has no dietary fiber . Our intestinal tracts are 36 feet long and a dogs intestinal tract is only 6 feet long . So the meat has a very long transit time in our body so it is very important to make the portion small and surround this flesh with liberal amounts of dietary raw fiber like you can see in my recipe photo.


Every meal must have lots of leafy greens and sprouts of living foods for optimum nutrition and to supply the human body with lots of essential magnesium . Calcium by itself is useless with out magnesium to bind to .


This is why for losing your excess weight I do not recommend the palTeo diet plan or any diet plan that is asking you to eat alot of meat and dairy . I lost over half my body weight of more than 100 pounds just going raw vegan through out my journey .


6- This fatty protein meal can use some help with adding a probiotic cultured foods to assist in digestion and to raise your essential stomach hydrochloric acid production that is essential for digestion of your nutritionists before your food chime is passed through your small intestine and turned alkaline

by your digestive organ the pancreas.


To accomplish this it is good to eat your raw foods first and cooked foods soon after. Never drink a lot at your meal as this will dilute your hydrochloric acid production .


Eat slowly in comport with out distractions and make sure that all the food in your mouth is liquified before swallowing .

The food ingredients that will help raise your hydrochloric acid production is

A-Raw organic unfiltered with mother apple cider vinegar a probiotic in its own right .

B- Any raw cultured fermented foods.

C-A good quality salt like Pink Himalayan Sea Salt or Celtic Sea Salt .

D- Lemon Zest and limes and lemon juice. Papaya or Pineapple fresh will help digest your protiens.


One through Six culinary tips for your gourmet fish recipe meal will make it healthy and good and yes fantastic taste as well.



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About the Author Holistic Chef Barry aka Barry Anderson

Barry worked in the Cartoon Animation Industry professionally for 20 years all around the world and found himself becoming obese .


Chef Barry learned the culinary arts of working with Foods from Nature and managed to drop more than 100 pounds of excess weight from his 5 Food 4 inch body frame.

The next 20 years on Chef Barry conducted intensive research of the Weight Loss Industry .


Finally you can go to my good friend Dr. Leonard Coldwell's URL link website for more information on the disaster of our current food supply that Holistic Chef Barry has written . Thank You for your read and interest in my natural news writing and gourmet health recipes .










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