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Organic First Choice at the Garden Villa Phuket Thailand | by Barry Gourmet and Raw
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Organic First Choice at the Garden Villa Phuket Thailand

Garden Villa Phuket First Choice Organic

promotes the Organic Yes-Tour CycleEvent-2015 Phuket A Thailand Event

Why is it so important to support your organic farmers?

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Why Organic ? “The Essential Carbon Issue”


You can ask that question directly to Mother Earth and Nature ?


100 years ago everything living and growing on this good Earth was organic !

And in recent years all of Phuket the largest island in the Kingdom a resort island the size of Singapore located on the the Andaman See in the south of Thailand was only 30 years ago 100 percent organic for her agriculture . So what happened ?


Why is it so difficult to find organic safe clean foods anywhere today ?


It was never in natures plan to turn our backs on her and to turn about face and to go chemical and GMO ( Genetically Modified Organisms )but it happened in such a big way .


What does this mean to you and myself now living in challenging times where we really do not know what we are putting into our body and what affect this new kind of food is having on us over the long term? No long term human trials or controlled studies have been conducted on humans. But the animal testing results are dismal and very alarming especially in the independent studies .


Mice for instant where found to form large tumors all over their bodies from GMO contamination near the end of the studies. You can find this information all over face book and through out the world wide web but never in the mainstream media. They do not want you and everyone else to know for obvious reasons.


The biotech industry knows that labeling is their marketing death nail so they appose any new law amendment to be passed even though the biotech executives and staff will not eat their own product in their cafeteria foods . But for them it is ok for us to buy and consume their unlabeled product lines . It is said that the Standard American Diet SAD is now today about 80 percent unlabeled GMO.


So what would this 80 percent look like. Well it is world wide now in all conventional grocery retail stores . GMO is disguised in our foods now and the following groups of products will help you to decide what is safe and right for your health .


1-All processed foods from cans ,plastic containers ,and boxed goods are loaded with GMOs and unlabeled . The key ingredients to look out for is yes and I know this is shocking to many of you is


A-Sugar ( from GMO sugar beets )


B- Hydrogenated oils or partially hydrogenated canola oil,corn and soybean oils


C- Conventional meats that are grain fed . The feed is from GMO crops that is going into the live stock.


D- Conventional dairy products . Again the animal is fed GMO feed and routinely fed antibiotic therapy far more than is used on the human population .Antibiotic therapy is used to keep these suffering animals alive long enough as they live in closed confinement to never see their natural food grass ever in their lifetime .The animals grow 3 times more faster than free range grass fed to get them into slaughter for increased profits for the livestock industry .


Note that Phuket Island does not have any organic pastured free range grass fed beef anywhere at the retail level.


Do you really know what is in your food ?

What most people do not understand is the red color in the meat sold over the counter is not red at all but a chemical dye is injected into the meat for fetching higher sales prices from the consumer .


The real color of dead meat after the animal has been slaughtered is brown grey . Sit your red meat out for a couple of hours and the meat turns back to its original color. The seafood industry does the same thing to farm raised salmon to fetch higher prices. Wild Salmon will not have this problem and free range organic meats will not have this problem .These real selected foods will show their true color.


Another reason to stay organic as Holistic Chef Barry Anderson does .The food cruelty and deception and nondisclosure of the meat and dairy industry to human consumers will continue to be never challenged as Nature has no advertising budget in the media . If an animal food is not organic the Good Earth Chef will boycott the product.


This is one reason why the chef rarely eats out and if he does it is only to a few select restaurants that he knows well for clean organic first choice taste and health including what the back kitchen looks like the friendship with the head executive chef and owners of the restaurant . Today we are living in challenging times that unfortunately if you want to know what really is going into your body you have to conduct your own good due diligent research and live accordingly .


Yes I know it is a pain in the but and time consuming and not convenient to your life style but if you are eating a certain dairy and meat often then it is in your best health interest to at least make contact using their URL website connection to get more information from the food company. You must train your self to be able to read between the lines as even on these websites their content can be deception as well as they are selling to you . If your email does not get answered then it is time to move on to another alternative food product .



When it comes to our food supply ignorance is not bliss. You literally are what you eat and the proof is in the pudding when unquestionably obesity and other related diseases are going up all over the world today . The missing organic carbon in our top soil is literally starving our cells of essential nutrition .


Papaya is very difficult to find labeled organic in the Kingdom and is a major USA GMO crop so this is a grey area now in Phuket as the Kingdom is now a GMO country .


The only safe way to be GMO free is to buy local organic and to grow your own garden using open pollinated organic heirloom seeds preferably from the country that you live in .


So what is at stake here for our health and existence on planet earth ?


Our top soil that is suppose to give us the 3 dozen plus minerals and trace minerals are now missing because of our decision to support and to implement chemical and genetically intensive factory farming methods that have detrimental ramifications on our intestinal health that represents about 80 percent of our immune system .


Holistic Chef Barry is talking about our lost carbon in our once fertile top soil that is now turning into over time a waste land of desertification . Using synthetic chemicals to artificially induce faster growth of plants 3 times faster than the slower organic is purely for short term economic gains and quick profit for the industrialized chemical fertilizer industry and related industries and not for the health of the people and the top soil of planet earth .


We are losing the carbon element from our top soil that sustains all life .

We can bring this lost element back to Phuket with the following organized ways and we are only talking about 4 inches of layered top soil to claim organic status on this resort island .


End of part one of three and part two link will be posted is in pending.


About the author Holistic Chef Barry aka Barry Anderson ?

Barry worked in the Cartoon Animation Industry professionally for 20 years all around the world and found himself becoming obese .


Chef Barry learned the culinary arts of working with Foods from nature and managed to drop more than 100 pounds of excess weight from his 5 Food 4 inch body frame.

The next 20 years Barry conducted intensive research of the weight loss industry . Our current food supply system . The Environment . Social Issues . And natural health with fitness and longevity living.


Barry lives with his Thai family at the Garden Villa Phuket Good Earth Health Residence for the last 20 years now.

Executive Weight Loss Chef Holistic Chef Barry Anderson


About the author Organic Guru: Lynnette Marie



Lynnette is the Author of one of the best internationally selling books, 'Fuel for the Body', in which has sold around the world. It was voted the “Best Lay Person” book written on food and health.


Fuel for the Body is being distributed by Ingram Content Group, the world’s largest and most trusted distributor of physical and digital content. It has been has been endorsed by many health activist, nutritionist and holistic doctors. Lynnette has also published "Lose Weight the Pate Weigh". Look for her other amazing books coming out end of 2015: "What Does Our Creator Have to Say About Our Food & Health" and "Feed Your Face".



Holistic Chef Barry is the team captain for Thailand in the upcoming Yes tour July5th 2015 Bicycle marathon named “Fuel for the Body Tours “held in Phuket Thailand to raise more awareness for the Thai organic farming community in the Kingdom of Thailand. Author/Minister for the Environment/Certified Medicine Woman. Founder of Fuel for the Body Bike T.O.U.R.s & the Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval






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Taken on April 11, 2014