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Yes-Tour-2015 Phuket Thailand Event | by Barry Gourmet and Raw
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Yes-Tour-2015 Phuket Thailand Event

Why is it so important to support your organic farmers?

Written by Organic Guru: Lynnette Marie

For the Yes Bicycle Tour Phuket Thailand 2015


This is the question of the day. Lots of people tell me that they support their local farmers markets so why should they be concerned if the farmer is organic or not?


Some of you may say duh, what are you talking about, to these people. However, the truth of the matter is, that people really have no clue of what they are supporting and really think that if they buy from a local farmer then they are doing a good deed. The sad truth is that even your ‘local’ farmers have no clue of the havoc they are wreaking on the land and what their chemicals are actually doing to destroy other farms of clean grown foods.


How can this be you ask? Well, for instance if your local farmer/ gardener has grown their food from their back yards, yet they have used miracle grow to enhance the production of the plant, or round up to kill the so called weeds around the garden and lastly sprayed pesticides all over the garden to keep the unwanted bugs away, then they are NO better than the huge agribusiness out there with mass chemicals in their fields.


You see, you are still eating the chemicals even if you are buying from your local farmer/ gardener…you are just eating local chemicals! These local chemicals wreak the same havoc on our eco-system as any other farmer/gardener.


It all still goes back into the soil and then into the water supply therefore, leaching out further and further into the soil of the lands.


While some of these farmers really have no clue what detriments they are bringing to society, other farmers are well aware, but they just do not care and only care of the dollar being made. I have gone to many farmers markets all across the nation. I point blank ask them why they would use such chemicals to grow their garden.


They always answer, “well we could not produce the abundance of food we have, and we could never control the bug infestation or we would not have the largeness of the foods we produce”. You see the truth of the matter is, that you absolutely can produce much more vibrant and quality foods with organic methods, plus you absolutely can control the bug infestation by using other good bugs to rid those predators, plus you can feed tons more with crop rotation.


However, these farmers always want the fast and easy route so they think they do less work. Keep in mind we are not looking for farmers to be USDA certified. We are simply looking for those farmers who practice natural means of farming and use the 'back to the nature' way of growing foods with pure integrity.


The science is finally coming back to us to prove the detriments of all the toxic-chemicals used on our earth. Its like continually pouring oil down the sink drain, yes it goes through and no stoppage in the beginning, but eventually it is going to clog up and stop your water flow.


You can put only so much non natural harsh chemicals in the soil when eventually the soil is going to stop producing the fruits of the land as it once did. Then you have to completely re vamp your soils and crops and go back to the beginning to create the foods you once produced.


By supporting your organic farmers/ gardeners, you are supporting and securing the future of the food supply, you are securing the future of your grand children’s quality of life. So every time you make that purchase, make it organic. Make your dollars count. When you vote with your dollar or Thai Baht , you are making a difference or not. What do you choose?


Do your own research. Then I invite you to pour yourself a concoction of round up, bleach, pesticide and miracle grow…will you drink it? Your Organic Guru: Lynnette Marie 3/8/2012 Live Happy. Be Pure!


Comment by Holistic Chef Barry Anderson


In truth most people will be surprised that washing and rinsing and using all those commercial cleaning vegetable solutions will simply clean away any agricultural chemical residues on the produce ?


Sorry but this is a huge myth that the conventional agricultural chemical industry wants you to think and to believe.


The following is the agricultural fact of plant life .

All plant life is systemic in nature meaning that the plants root systems will absorb everything from the soil that is good and bad. The elements from the soil via the roots are stored in the interior cellulose fibers of the plant itself .


This is how the biotech industry works . Chemists will use their chemicals to see how far the absorption rates of the plant root systems are and the efficacy of deterrent against the pest insect.


But there is a problem with this bad science . The chemical destroys all life in the soil depleting the soil of nutrients that the plant and our body needs. The weakened plant actually attracts even more pest insects as the insects themselves genetically mutate against the agricultural chemicals to become resistance.


In some cases only 2 percent of the insect pest is destroyed and the 98 percent has genetically mutated to have resistance against the chemical application or just flies away to another location to feed.


So in the end the agricultural poison is the plant and washing and rinsing will do nothing to get rid of the contamination what so ever. This is just one important reason to go organic. And if this was not bad enough factual news did you know that the chemicals from our food supply are stored in all of our fat cells that promotes obesity in people? Yes this is true so now you know.


Why the current agricultural biotech industry and conventional chemical fertilizer industry does not work anymore. In short it really comes down to our fertile top soil being properly amended so that the food crops can absorb the essential minerals and vitamins systemically up into the plants them selves in order to feed our cells ,bacteria ,and blood but this cannot happen with our current intensive chemical factory farm methods.


A short check list as follows . Chemical fertilizer is primarily made from nonrenewable sources, including fossil fuels.

They grow plants but do nothing to sustain the soil. ... Soil of chemical agriculture has only 3 basic amendments of fertilizer that includes nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K);and other compounds that make plants grow 3 times on average faster than their organic counter parts but at a price.


The soil becomes burned and depleted of microbial life and eventuall the soil is turned into a desert waste land over time . The crops grow faster at firs then go into decline until the soil cannot be used any more.

But is stark contrast organic agriculture builds up the fertile topsoil for years of sustainable and safe agricultural practices . Yes the crops grow 3 times slower on average but the yields are steady and even can go up under the right conditions . No risk of desertification.


Chemical agriculture causes whole sale destruction of our bee population and puts bee keepers out of business. Without our pollinators we have no food on our table.

In contrast organic farming practices support and encourage our honey bee population to grow healthy foods through cross pollination of the flowers that miraculously grow into our fruits and vegetables .


As I right this article I am still amazed to see my flower of pomegranate turn into the fruit it self and grow to immense size organically as nature intended it to be .


About the author Holistic Chef Barry aka Barry Anderson ?

Barry worked in the Cartoon Animation Industry professionally for 20 years all around the world and found himself becoming obese .


Chef Barry learned the culinary arts of working with Foods from nature and managed to drop more than 100 pounds of excess weight from his 5 Food 4 inch body frame.

The next 20 years Barry conducted intensive research of the weight loss industry . Our current food supply system . The Environment . Social Issues . And natural health with fitness and longevity living.


Barry lives with his Thai family at the Garden Villa Phuket Good Earth Health Residence for the last 20 years now.

Executive Weight Loss Chef Holistic Chef Barry Anderson


About the author Organic Guru: Lynnette Marie



Lynnette is the Author of one of the best internationally selling books, 'Fuel for the Body', in which has sold around the world. It was voted the “Best Lay Person” book written on food and health.


Fuel for the Body is being distributed by Ingram Content Group, the world’s largest and most trusted distributor of physical and digital content. It has been has been endorsed by many health activist, nutritionist and holistic doctors. Lynnette has also published "Lose Weight the Pate Weigh". Look for her other amazing books coming out end of 2015: "What Does Our Creator Have to Say About Our Food & Health" and "Feed Your Face".



Holistic Chef Barry is the team captain for Thailand in the upcoming Yes tour July5th 2015 Bicycle marathon named “Fuel for the Body Tours “held in Phuket Thailand to raise more awareness for the Thai organic farming community in the Kingdom of Thailand. Author/Minister for the Environment/Certified Medicine Woman. Founder of Fuel for the Body Bike T.O.U.R.s & the Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval




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