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10 Culinary-Weight-Loss-Issues | by Barry Gourmet and Raw
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10 Culinary-Weight-Loss-Issues

“The most important culinary decision for your Weight Loss? “

With 10 culinary weight loss tips written by Holistic Chef Barry Anderson of the Garden Villa Phuket Good Earth Thai Residence .


Wow what a question and the answer is so simple it just boggles the mind of the good earth weight coss Chef why more people trying to lose their weight can not connect all the dots and keep doing the same mistake over and over again .


Many of my clients first come to me and I hear often the same story . “Holistic Chef Barry I go to the Gym almost every day . I sweat like pig and burn calories like no tomorrow . I am doing every thing right with my trainer and I still can not get rid of my weight especially around my middle !!!


“What am I doing so wrong ? “ I get often this question .


Chef Barry will respond one way only with this simple question to his friends weight loss issue .

“ Do you make your own meal plans ? Or do you eat out and have others make food for you? “


That is it friends . In order to lose your weight in the culinary department you must learn like I once did how to prepare weight loss meals fast easy and properly .


But most people do not know where to start and there is so much conflicting information and our right wrong advice on line and off line that it is no wonder why so many people are confused and afraid to work in there personal kitchen anymore . I talked to one singaporean tourist in Phuket where I live and she said to me that it is more convenient and tasty for Singaporeans to eat out all the time. I am not sure about Singapore but right next door in Malaysia this country has the highest obese rate in all of South East Asia . And in Thailand where the good earth chef lives just 30 years ago Chef Barry when he was obese himself at the time could not see much evidence of obesity in the Kingdom. Now it is every where and it is sad and amazing at the same time . Thailand like many developing countries are experiencing a cultural shift towards the west and this goes for mainland China now that has the worlds fastest rates of Obesity right behind the country of Mexico .


Obesity all started in America right after the 2nd world war and now it is all over the world . I believe people really know the answer why but nothing is being done about it .

Interesting to note that the Korean government has stepped in with media programs to educate the Koreans to stay on their traditional diet and to not entertain the western foreign foods to much .The program in Korea was a huge success and more country governments should be doing the same as Korea for protecting the health of the people and to manage health better for the population.


So where to start in your kitchen ? Since every person is different in all respects I will hit the golden nuggets of what I would do if I was doing it all over again .


1- Back then in the 80s when I was living the life of pain and obesity I had no internet . Just books to read. I cannot list them all really . Not enough space in this thread but I will say this one thing . 30 years plus of constantly reading natural health articles almost every day does add up to a lot of content over time. My health crisis was a blessing in this respect because I was afraid of premature death from all the obesity related medical problems to my body .


Losing half your body weight of well over 100 pounds of excess body fat at 5 foot 2 inches tall , with out a life coach or supervision at that time for me was seriously daunting to me. I was on a mission a journey to find my truth and to get to the bottom of it all . I needed answers to my problem .


The key points to culinary weight loss .


1 -As pointed out the biggest one is to make your own meals 100 percent of all the time .


2- Learn food and beverage on youtube.


3- Set your kitchen up simply with essentials like juicer machine and blender. Cutting boards and all the utensils to work with perishable foods of produce primarily . Chef Barry back then and still today supports the local organic farmer through out his life and you should too.


4 – Never put a price on your health ever . Go organic and save the seeds and learn how to germinate them and grow micro greens in your good earth kitchen .


5- Mix and match your caveman good earth diet with rotation and on and off of your foods . Never go mono with your diet plan . ( eat too much of the same comfort foods) Dangerous and it is only a matter of time that your body will get new symptoms of discomfort .


6- Most obese people like my self at one time is infected with the fungus yeast infection named Candida. Stop eating foods and beverages that feed this condition such as the following foods. All processed foods in cans and boxes including confectionary . All animal as this is a very slow transit time in your body food and you want to move your food more quickly through your body to improve your elimination .

High dietary nature foods and the following herbs in conjunction as follows . Lemon grass tea. Green tea and juice of wheat grass. Ginger Root and grapefruit seed extract . oil of oregano.Raw Garlic .


7- While you are killing your candida and other parasites you need to be every day consuming cultured probiotic foods. You can find out so much on youtube for this information .


8- Guess what friends . Your expensive weight loss product is not going to help you as it promises unless you do 1 through 7 first .


9- Listen to your body through out your journey and make sure that you drink a lot of fluid more between your meals and not so much at your meal. Your most important beverage is as soon as you wake up and should be a good glass or two of water lemon coconut water with herbs . Or a fresh juice and the smoothies can come soon later .


10 – And this one is the real kicker . You need the right fats to lose your fat ! Yep this is so true today despite all the wrongful information and science promoting low fat diets that actually makes you fat.

Our fat soluble vitamins A-D-E-and especially K are essential to good health and weight loss. Holistic Chef Barry is going to give you some homework . You tube the key words good fats . You tube fat soluble vitamins in the human diet .


The late Natural Path Doctors Dr. Norman Walker and Dr. Bernard Jensen both stress a raw mostly plant based diet program working with nature direct . A rainbow of color was the order of the day .


Of course all this will not help you unless you move your body most every day with intermittent fasting and physical plus herbal cleansing of your body . Holistic Chef Barry will address the physical protocols of weight loss that outright just works for most every one . Thank you of our time in reading my report article . Kindest Holistic Chef Barry Anderson Executive Weight Loss Chef of the Garden Villa Phuket Good Earth Residence located on the resort island of Phuket Thailand .


About the Author Holistic Chef Barry aka Barry Anderson




Barry worked in the Cartoon Animation Industry professionally for 20 years all around the world and found himself becoming obese . Chef Barry learned the culinary arts of working with Foods from Nature and managed to drop more than 100 pounds of his own excess weight from his 5 Foot 4 inch body frame.


The next 20 years Barry conducted intensive research of the Weight Loss Industry . Our current food supply system . The Environment . Social Issues . And Natural Health with Fitness and Longevity Living.


Barry lives with his Thai Family at the Garden Villa Phuket Good Earth Health Residence for the last 20 years now.


Stay Well from your 2 Executive Weight Loss Chefs of the Garden Villa Phuket Health Residence located on the resort island of Phuket Thailand Thai Chef Am Gourmet & Raw and Holistic Chef Barry Anderson


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