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Mango Delight | by Barry Gourmet and Raw
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Mango Delight

Mango Delight


This delightful recipe only takes 5 minutes to make with simple ingredients direct from nature using the finest organic ingredients found mostly in the garden of the Good Earth Thai Residence called the Garden Villa Phuket located on the resort island of Phuket Thailand on the Andaman Sea.


The red berries on top are the chefs organic goji berries mixed with moringa leaf .

The white flower is edible filled with coconut vinegar and raw unfiltered organic honey and bee pollen. Raw organic first choice 100 percent and supporting our local organic Thai farmer is the high standard of culinary choice of the Garden Villa Phuket with out compromise.


If the food is packaged by industrial man in the opinion of the Good Earth Chef then this questionable food in most cases is not even fit for human consumption.


And on the other hand if this food is organic grown direct from nature that has no advertising budget to sell you anything then by all means include this food into your life and enjoy the nutritional and taste benefits of such foods. Only perishable nature is your ticket to happiness and good health for the rest of your life . Everything else does not matter. Only Food Matters. Thank You Holistic Chef Barry Anderson Executive Weight Loss Chef of the Garden Villa Phuket located on the resort island of Phuket Thailand .


Chef Barry uses the good fats of coconut often in his recipes for good reasons as follows

Yes coconut is one of our most under appreciated forgotten foods thanks to the slamming propaganda smear campaigns brought on by the fake food process food industry that worked against the people . Heart disease cancer obesity and diabetes all shot up through the roof for the pharmaceutical industry to cash in on .


So where do you put your trust the Good Earth Chef is asking . Your trust in the approved FDA GMOs with industrialized dead long shelf life foods with questionable ingredients inside the box? Or do you put your trust in all organic perishable produce with out the grocery list of labeling direct from Nature . So where are you putting your trust ?


Actually I am making from scratch organic food and beverage recipes a lot direct from my organic garden around my different buildings as the garden is the main feature of the resort wellness type living. In this recipe you can see yes I am not kidding organically grown fresh Gogi Berries on top surrounded by organic Moringa leaf and sunflower sprouts . The foundation underneath is a mixture of blanched raw and low heat of Thai medicinal herbs and sprouts with his house mango jam with fresh mango peices.


To give good taste to this meal Chef Barry will add a stock a piece of tamarind and pink sea salt with apple cider vinegar and lemon lime . Raw honey is optional but not needed in most cases when the condiments for good taste is mixed together properly .


The important thing to all this is that nature provided the raw materials to work with and any ingredient made by industrialized man is not allowed in my recipes . 100 organic percent Nature Made. Thank you Holistic Chef Barry


Why is Holistic Chef Barry so passionate about growing organically his own foods and supporting the Thai organic farmers in season ?


Some sobering agricultural Facts to share with you about Agriculture in Phuket and Thailand.


Chef Barry lives in Phuket Thailand a famous popular resort island on the Andaman Sea located in the south of the country . The following points is almost unbelievable but true. Following facts to consider and this story can be for many other places around the world today .


Fact 1- Just 30 years ago all of Phuket Island was 100 percent organic in agriculture .


Fact -2 Now today Phuket is at best and estimated 2 percent and I am being generous . You cannot find more than 2 percent organic sold in any food retail store on the island and most are at zero. Just think of the hospitality industry now and what they are feeding to their valued guests .


Fact 3 Thailand has Geneticall Modified Organisms GMOs in the Kingdom today and a good half dozen offices are spread around the Kingdom.


Fact -4 For Chef Barry to have organic food for himself and for his family and valued guests staying at his Garden Villa Phuket he has to grow his organic garden with the last remaining organic small seed bank that is in trouble now with extinction as Thai farmers are no longer saving their indiginous seeds to go chemical and GMO.


Fact -5 All most all of the organic agriculture is located in the Nortth around Changmai with support of the Royal Project of the King so many of the organic foods sold in Phuket are from the north and not grown in Phuket that drives the transportation costs up.


Fact 6- Chef Barry cannot find or trust the garden centers selling alot of chemical fertilzer so this forces the good earth chef to order and truck in his organic soil from a ware house in Bangkok to lay down the foundation of his organic garden .


Sad but true and so necessary if the garden of the Garden Villa Phuket is truly organic . Thank you Holistic Chef Barry


Solution to the problem for bringing back to Phuket the organic agriculture that this beautiful Phuket island once had and is now lost today ?


Non profit annual events like the Organic Yes CycleFest that will raise fund money to support the Royal Thai Project -Tourism -Increased Bookings for the world wide organic movement -Co-ops that bring in employment to the Thai people and the excess organic produce is sold to selected sponsored retail stores and market stalls to sell this nature made organic foods back to the population of Phuket and the rest of Thailand . Thank You Holistic Chef Barry Anderson with Thai Executive Chef Am Gourmet of the Garden Villa Phuket Good Earth Thai Residence .


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