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Mushroom Onion Salad | by Barry Gourmet and Raw
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Mushroom Onion Salad

Organic First Choice! What does it mean ?

Environmental Solutions for Phuket and Good Health for the people of Phuket Thailand .

Good Earth Recipe included at the end of this important local article to be shared .

Mushrooms & Onions Salad with Thai Herbs and Micro Greens and Sprouts

What does Holistic Chef Barry mean by Organic First Choice ?

The Problem ?


Well today more than any other time in the history of humans have we been so challenged to even find organically labeled foods now in our retail supermarkets today .

The vast majority of them and I am speaking about Phuket Thailand where the good earth chef lives has zero labeled organic produce any where to be seen.

And when he talks to all the store managers he gets the same answers!


1- They the public is never asking for it !

2- It costs to much so it never sells !

3-Most people do not know what the word organic means !

Chef Barry could easily write a whole 100 page article on why people as are forefathers 100 years ago have been doing . Eating organically with nature for support of the bodies immune system .


Only a mere 30 years ago the whole island of Phuket was 100 percent organic .Presently today Thailand ranks around the middle of the pack for diagnoses of Cancer . 70 years ago the Kingdom was near zero for cancer diagnosis and back then the whole kingdom was organic in her agriculture.

The country close to Thailand called Bhutan bans agricultural chemicals including bio-techGMOs .


Genetically Modified Organisms that uses week killer herbicides so strong that it damages the top soil run off into the water sheds and our environment including our own body environment .


80 percent of your immune system is directly linked to the integrity of your intestinal flora bacteria and with the destruction of our food supply for unsustainable chemical agricultural that has no boarders we are becoming toxic and poisoned by industrial synthetics that stored and kept into all fat cells of mammals including our selves.


These stored chemicals are held in fluid of fat cells and lymph to protect our blood supply from contamination. When over time your immune system is weekend by industrial synthetic chemicals in your food supply then this leads to opportunistic infections and disease of the human body with lots of chronic inflammation.


So now you know why it is important to support your local organic farmer in season .

To support your good health with micro nutrition that is not contaminated with industrial pollution that the human liver does not and can not recognize this additive to our food supply as real food.

The Solution to the problem ?


So with limited resources and options what can one do ?

It does not happen over night but there are steps that you can take for your earth friendly transition back into a more safe food supply for protection of your immune system and good health in 2 parts .

Written from the Garden Desk of Holistic Chef Barry overlooking his Thai Earth Kitchen located at the Garden Villa Phuket Thai Spa & Natural Weight Loss Health Residence located in Phuket Thailand. © Copyright April 5 2015.


Grand Opening is Late 2015 for the Garden Villa Phuket Thailand Natural Health Residence located on the resort island of Phuket Thailand . All free of GMOs No conventionally sprayed chemical produce and Organic Foods are first choice at the Garden Villa.


Important Notice to the reader for Terms of Use : You are free to share on the internet only my Photo, content , and links with out changing anything. And to give my self credit as the author of this content under the name Holistic Chef Barry Anderson. “Good Earth Chef “ Thank You


Part One the Local Culinary Environmental Solution to Phuket's Food Supply Problem :

7 Idea solutions that make social environmental and feasible sense for Phuket Thailand in the opinion of the good earth chef .


1-Phuket has a few retail stores stocking a limited amount of organic perishable produce . The stores are Big Top and the Villa Market . The Garden Villa of Phuket of Holistic Chef Barry and Thai family will support the Royal Project of the King first choice for the Garden Villa Phuket culinary experience for creating good taste and nutrition . Many other Thai made fruits and vegetables are produced in the Kingdom and it is just doing some networking and internet searches and you can find many of them out in the country to do business with you .


The company Chiwadi of Thailand is a highly recommended company by the good earth chef to buy their organic coconut health products and to support other Thai companies like Chiwadi to support Thailand’s remaining organic Thai farm communities around the Kingdom .


2- By supporting your Thai organic farmer friends you will eventually drive the price of the organic produce down by putting your hard earned money into the hands of the Thai farmers that need your financial support for working hard to amend and to save the top soil of the country . Support their seed banks with your purchasing power .


3- After you consume the edible organic skins and rind you will find your self with left over spoilage of perishable food. Do not waste this biodegradable amendment to be trashed into the land fill just to be incinerated in the end . Instead compost it into your garden . Lots of youtube videos can help you with this information. Save your organic seeds and germinate them to be later planted in your garden . Very empowering for your self after you get the hang of it .


4- Phuket has 6 months of dry season with no rain and your organic garden needs water so the good earth chef is suggesting to cutter all of your roof eves and to catch the other six months of rain and store the excess in holding tanks with a mosquito mesh over top or go underground with a holding tank.

Use drip fed irrigation and hand held irrigation for the larger plants and trees and when they flower that turns into edible fruits and vegetables for your good earth kitchen table then you can save even more seeds to expand your food forest .


5-Many large estates in Phuket have large gardens of vegetation waste material . It makes no sense at all to be burdening our existing land fills and incinerator plants with this overage of biodegradable waste that should be composted back into Phuket's top soil to improve the environment more sustainably. One helping solution would to be feeding all the elephants living in so many of the camps on Phuket Island if you have access to your pick up truck. You can schedule this delivery when you run your errands and Holistic Chef Barry does this 2 times per month .

What to feed your elephant ?


All leaf of palm , husk of pineapple, coconut leaf ,any tall grass , papaya leaf , leaf of banana,leaf of bamboo ,and of course the following fruits . Watermelon ,pineapple and papaya ,coconut and of coarse banana fruit .

“OK maybe you do not have an elephant camp near your home but maybe a zoo or game reserve is near by?


6-When you live with Buddhism close to Nature and give your self time to live in your present for giving of your self to this good earth it becomes blissful. It is so easy to do when you mindfully think of where our foods are coming from and what methods where used to produce such foods . Asking questions of your food source is a good thing to do . You have a human right to know what is going into your body good and bad . This information should never be hidden from you and never be undisclosed for what ever reason by the food supplier . No world is perfect but we can make adjustments for supporting our Thai organic farmer where the good earth chef lives and your local organic farmer where you live ? And this is a good feeling to have . Thank You


7- The Yes to Organic Bike Tour of June 14 2015 is good for tourism in Phuket and other provinces for awareness of supporting local Thai organic produce grown in the Kingdom. To attract more attention to the health benefits of organic food the environment and good health and good taste of organic foods for the people living in the Thai Kingdom.



About Natures Way ?

Our body is a sponge literally through all entry channels including our own skin that acts like a 2 way sponge 24 /7. Most all people never think of their body in this way but it is true . We have but 2 options in life to take . We can take in nature made recognizable elements of foods essential to our good health. Or we can take in the industrial made unrecognizable products that the human liver can not recognize as real food . You decide ? Thank You Holistic Chef Barry



Part 2 of Making of your Mushrooms & Onions Salad Recipe

with herbs and sprouts

Ingredients of main body :

1-Half a cup of at least over night pre soaked dry maitake mushrooms

2- Half a cup of at least over night pre soaked dry shiitake mushrooms

3-Two cups of pure water

4-One medium carrot shredded fine & half chunky

5-One egg size onion and 4 shallots and 2 cloves of garlic all crushed then half cut fine and half chunky

6-One cup of spinach leaf shredded

7- about one square inch cube of tamarind paste

8- One level table spoon of miso paste

9-On the side some Tahini paste used as a thickener if needed.

Ingredient topping to taste that is best done first in your mixing bowl

1-1/4 cup of fresh living foods of sunflower sprouts or any micro greens of your choice .

To your desire some shredded sweet basil leaf

Level teaspoon of bee pollen (Natures original health supplement )

Fresh lemon juice mixed with cold pressed apple cider vinegar to taste with added ginger & cinnamon powder with pre soaked gogi berries or you can use cranberries about one table spoon total.

Your choice of lemon and lime wedges or both ?


7 minute method for making this savory tart Asian style hardy meal for one

1-In a sauce pan on high heat add soaked dry maitake and dry shiitake mushrooms

too your two cups of boiling pure water for half a minute then turn off the flame.

Important note about mushrooms. All mushrooms must be eaten cooked or heated and never raw!

Why is this ? Because the mushroom cellulose named chitin is not digestible in the raw mushroom so cooking will make this part of the mushroom digestible. Also all mushrooms contain different levels of alkaloids that can be toxic to some humans in their raw state . Cooking with heat deactivates these toxins.

2- Add your tamarind paste and stir well

3-Then add your onions and carrots on a low flame for one minute and turn off

4- Add your spinach leaf and let blanch in the hot water.

5-One your level table spoon of miso paste and stir and taste

6- For the right consistency you can drain of the excess stock and save it in a glass jar in your refrigerator for the next meal or you can stir in some tahini to thicken more or do both . When your happy with the result then spoon the ingredients into your serving bowl.

7- Spoon your mixed living raw food topping over your food base.

8-Sprinkle more bee pollen over top.

9 – Add some lemon lime wedges on the edge of your serving dish . Just cut slits down the middle and slide them over the rim of the bowl . And your done in about 5 minutes more less to enjoy your culinary art in the making Asian style .


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About the Author Holistic Chef Barry aka Barry Anderson

Barry worked in the Cartoon Animation Industry professionally for 20 years all around the world and found himself becoming obese . Chef Barry learned the culinary arts of working with Foods from Nature and managed to drop more than 100 pounds of excess weight from his 5 Food 4 inch body frame.

The next 20 years on Chef Barry conducted intensive research of the Weight Loss Industry .




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