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The Good the Bad & The Ugly of Soy? | by Barry Gourmet and Raw
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The Good the Bad & The Ugly of Soy?

Written from the Garden Desk of Holistic Chef Barry overlooking his Thai Earth Kitchen located at the Garden Villa Phuket Thai Spa & Natural Weight Loss Health Residence located in Phuket Thailand. © Copyright February 24 2015.


Grand Opening is Late 2015 for the Garden Villa Phuket Thailand Natural Health Residence located on the resort island of Phuket Thailand . All free of GMOs No conventionally sprayed chemical produce and Organic Foods are first choice at the Garden Villa.


Important Notice to the reader for Terms of Use : You are free to share on the internet only my Photo, content , and links with out changing anything. And to give my self credit as the author of this content under the name Holistic Chef Barry Anderson. “Good Earth Chef “ Thank You


The Good the Bad & the Ugly of Soy? The forgotten cultured super foods for weight loss !

Written by Weight Loss Chef Holistic Chef Barry Anderson

First the Good! Used often in macrobiotic food recipes of Asia.

All soy that is really good for your health is organic , fermented ,or germinated into sprouts .

This kind of soy is safe and supports your intestinal health with cultured probiotics working with your friendly flora bacteria .



Examples of good soy would be the following

Natto Highest source of the heart healthy vitamin K-2

Miso of Japan a fermented soybean paste

Soybean paste - A category of fermented foods made in South East Asia including the Kingdom of Thailand the soybean is typically made from grinding the legume,and fermenting it which are indigenous to the cuisines of East and Southeast Asia.


In some cases, such as in the production of other varieties of beans such as broad beans, may also be used. In general all legumes should be predigested through sprouting and and later fermentation when desired for immune system and intestinal health function and support .

Pickled Tofu is regular tofu that has been fermented and is healthy for you. The regular tofu is not and is extremely undigestible in the human gut.

Tamari -The original soy sauce from japan that is fermented .

Tempeh- Originally from Indonesia is a fermented soybean cake


Sprouted Soybean- Used extensively all through out Asia and now the world is a sprouted bean completely safe for digestion and must be non GMO!


The Bad

About the dangerous health benefits of soy that is in its raw state. Incredible that retail supermarket stores are still selling soy oil ,soy milk , soy tofu, and almost all processed foods have some kind of unfermented GMO Genetically Modified Organisms of Soy in the product including all conventional meats and dairy used in the GMO soy feed to the animals that we eat.


Please wake up friends . It is the grass and not the soy that is the natural foods for these diseased poor animals locked up in battery cages and feed lots being force fed foods that are not natural to their traditional diet causing many disorders and diseases inside this meat and also the dairy product itself .


The tumors and and diseased parts of the meat goes directly into your processed hot dog and deli meats but the powerful meat and dairy industry does not want you to know this information .

Read the book entitled "Diet for a New America" Authored by John Robins . His family was in great danger from the meat industry with reported death threats for publishing this NewYork best seller back in the late 80s. This is the kind of industry you are giving your hard earned money too friends.


Your only Paleo option is to boycott the tainted conventional meats and dairy and to work one on one for you to have the time and resources with your local organic farmer friend that feeds free range organic live stock like the Good Earth Chef Barry does all the time with no exceptions to this rule .


If you only knew what the conventional meat and dairy industry is doing to your food supply products and what they are not telling or advertising to you it would definitely change your whole thinking about this product going into your body .


Just a very short list of ingredients in conventional dairy and meats you are not suppose to know about such as Dioxin the most cancerous chemical known on this good earth is used.


More antibiotics are used in the meat and dairy industry than in the human population. Synthetic growth hormones that make the animal grow 3 times faster than usual compared to the same animal living off the free range land eating grass which is the cows normal food and not soy.


Science knows that all poisons or toxins are stored in the fatty tissues of all mammals on this good earth and humans are no exception to this rule .


We need fats in our diet for absorption of our fat soluble vitamins A-D-E and K. So it is imperative that our source of Fats are clean and safe and free from industrial pollutants and chemicals which today is a real challenge for all of us . It takes great due diligence more than ever before in our current food supply environment to find clean and safe foods for our body.


90 percent of the worlds supply of soy is a genetically engineered cash crop for the livestock industry. This product is extremely toxic to the human body to the animal and to the environment using chemical bio tech round up weed killers that systemically is now in our soil and food chain coming back to you and every one else that eats this kind of mass produced product .


For centuries our forefathers fed organic grass to our live stock that is digestible and contains from the soil omega 3 fatty acids and the essential mineral magnesium.


With soy fed live stock and dairy you will not receive these 2 essential nutrients in your conventional meat and instead the list of chemical residues fed and injected into the live stock is with out any accountability to the buying public.

How important is fermented soy and all probiotic foods for your health .


The human immune system function is actually 80 percent of the integrity of your intestinal health and an average adult carries around 7 pounds of good bacteria flora lining the intestinal tract. Your bacteria through out your body is outnumbers your cell count 10 to 1 in the trillions.


Your body is your temple and you have a given right to protect your health and body from unwanted contaminants that your filtering liver does not recognize as real food including undigestible unfermented soy.


The Ugly

Why is soy so damaging to the body of all mammals ?

All legumes designed by nature especially soy have build in proteins called enzyme inhibiters that prevent the bean from sprouting in its dry state.


So soy in its dry state unfermented is completely or at best partially digestible inside the intestinal tract . This can cause a very serious problem with absorption of nutrients as it really is what we absorb first and foremost and then what we are eating.


Just how dangerous is unfermented soy any ways? As learned from my Holistic Veterinarian . Did you know that for some large dog breeds they can not tolerate the un-digestibility of unfermented soy .


These poor animals suffer a very painful death when the undigested soy blocks their intestinal tract and rupture of the intestines occurs and the large dog internally bleeds to death slowly and painfully. Think about it friends . What is soy doing to our own body over time ? Thank You


About the Author Holistic Chef Barry aka Barry Anderson

Barry worked in the Cartoon Animation Industry professionally for 20 years all around the world and found himself becoming obese . Chef Barry learned the culinary arts of working with Foods from Nature and managed to drop more than 100 pounds of excess weight from his 5 Food 4 inch body frame.

The next 20 years Barry conducted intensive research of the Weight Loss Industry .

Holistic Weight Loss Chef Barry your “Good Earth Chef & Friend 4 LiFE .”


We know that a good rightful weight loss culinary plan is not enough to sustainably loose the weight with out physically moving the body . Lots of people with good intentions work out hard at the gym but cannot lose their weight . The reason for this is they are not making their own meal plans 100 percent .


And other people that do make their own meal plans may be doing some things wrong in the kitchen that hinders their weight loss like using rancid cooking oils for example and then their work out is not fitted properly to their constitution so the fat hangs on to their body no matter how much they try to lose their weight . Physically to loose weight it is best to do interval training that resembles how a gardener or farmer would work in the fields.



Chef Barry shares his authored link for you to give you some ideas of how he physically lost half his body weight of 100 pounds of excess weight standing only 5 Foot 4 inches tall.


Special Nutritional Note after your physical weight lose journey has been achieved . There is a latency time of weeks or months before your new metabolism function has settled into your new life style and culinary weight loss plan. This is where most people feel over confident and start to cheat on their plan and their weight comes back on again .


You must give your body more time to adjust .


Chef Barry today is mostly Raw Organic Vegan but does enjoy creating recipes from the following Health Culinary models such as . Macrobiotic Cuisine Japan Style. Mediterranean Style Thai Cuisine.


Weston Price Foundation Cuisine . Blue Zone Longevity Cuisine Plans . And California Raw Cuisine.


Kindest Regards Thai Chef Am Gourmet and Holistic Chef Barry Anderson Executive Weight Loss Chefs of the Garden Villa Phuket Good Earth Thai Spa and Health Residence located on the resort island of Phuket Thailand .



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