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Before-After-& Today-Part--2 for Weight Loss | by Barry Gourmet and Raw
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Before-After-& Today-Part--2 for Weight Loss

Internet Health Radio Show with Tony M. Isaacs and Luella May

Guest Appearance Holistic Chef Barry Anderson of Phuket Thailand


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12 Culinary Weight Loss Talking Points 7 through 12 Part 2 of 2


“Yes if you follow the 12 culinary guidelines written my Holistic Chef Barry to the letter ? Then you will drop your excess weight and it will stay off of your body for good and never return again as it has done for Chef Barry himself for achieving successful permanent weight loss more than 20 years ago .”


Written from the Garden Desk of Holistic Chef Barry overlooking his Good Earth Thai Kitchen © Copyright February 24 2015.

All free of GMOs No conventionally sprayed chemical produce and Organic Foods first choice are grown and prepared at the Garden Villa Phuket Health Residence in Chalong Phuket Thailand.


Important Notice to the reader for Terms of Use : You are free to share on the internet only my Photo, content , and links with out changing anything. And to give my self credit as the author of this content under the name Holistic Chef Barry Anderson. “Good Earth Chef “ Thank You

12 Talking Points 7 to 12 for your Culinary Weight Loss Plan. Part 2 of 2


7- What is the Weight Loss Diet Plan ?

In words a whole food Plant Based Organic First Choice selection of foods direct from Nature. All perishable foods . A farmers Good Earth Diet that Holistic Chef Barry used to drop his 100 pounds of excess body fat. The more Raw Organic Vegan you go the more the weight will drop from your body .

You can slowly go in the beginning at your working pace transition time like Chef Barry did toward the 100 percent raw vegan and then sustain this until all your undesired weight is lost . (Note that each person is different so you must transition at your comfort level and pace. Shocking your body will set you up for failure)


8- What does your New Weight Loss Kitchen Look Like ? A to G

Basically much simpler than a normal Standard American style Kitchen and less expensive to buy and work with .

Essential Tools of your Weight loss Kitchen as follows.

A- A good Blender with glass ,for making your Green Smoothies . A milling cup for grinding down seeds into a powder. And a food processor for making your own salad dressings.


B- Best Juicer machine that you can afford ? Plus a Citrus Juicer as well.


C- Many cutting boards with all the cutlery including a grater ,and mixing bowls .


D-Strainer baskets of different sizes stainless steal is best and some sprout bags and flat trays used for growing your essential micro greens and sprouts. (Advanced Weight Loss Training by Chef Barry )


E- A whole range of different size mason jars for pickling and making your own probiotic cultured foods in your Good Earth Kitchen .( More Advanced Weight Loss Training by the Good Earth Chef)


F- A good size refrigerator as your new weight loss diet will need more storage space of your living Good Earth Foods full of life giving enzymes .Tip – Buy often and in 3 day supplies to keep the produce fresh and you will learn how to move these perishable foods with out spoil in my later future articles.


G- Look for and make an indoor and out door space for your garden weight loss design that gets enough sunlight . (Advanced Weight Loss Training )


9-Shopping for your Weight Loss Foods.


First you must sit down and do some hard thinking of what foods you plan to eliminate from your left side forbidden list of foods ? Remember that you will be crossing out your selection of foods before at your home before you go food shopping so it can be in your controlled steps or stages and not all at one time.

Next simply write down your favorite whole foods of vegetables and fruits in that order on the right side of your list replacing your chosen forbidden foods .


Take the list with you and use your information for shopping . Next time double up your elimination and replacement food choices . And keep double upping until the entire right side of your list has been crossed out and replaced with your new good healthy perishable whole foods on the right side of the line . Pace your self and stick to it as this will challenge your mind set . Hint first buy foods that you know it is easy for you to make for your self in your new weight loss kitchen .



10 –How and why you must prepare your own foods to lose your weight?

Preparing and making your own recipes from your food choices. Wow I know this is where it gets intimidating for most and some what challenging because most people today have stopped learning how to make a weight loss menu plan at home and do not know where to start ? They think buying a weight loss product will be their easy way out answer to their problem and truthfully it rarely is. The weight loss industry never addresses the fact that most people regain their weight back on again after the initial weight is lost . They never go there because if they did , then the weight loss industry could not sell their useless product to you .Sorry but you need to know about this fact .


11- Hints for learning to make your own meal plans.

Keep the Food and Beverage simple to make in around 7 to 10 minutes per serving if you can . Any thing longer than 15 minutes is getting to over processed and complicated.

Go to Youtube to learn raw living food recipe creations .Holistic Chef Barry will give you his comprehensive list of weight loss culinary books for your selection in a future article.


12-How to implement your new Culinary Weight Loss Daily Plan?

What your rough Daily Weight Loss Guide may look like ?

At your waking hours you are seriously dehydrated from respiration through out the night so you need fluid in your body right away . I Recommend Fresh Lemon Lime water one or 2 glasses . Optional a little bit of raw unfiltered honey to taste . In the tropics like Phuket I would use often coconut water .


Half our later eat breakfast . Examples Fruit salad with leafy greens and lemon zest. Or a Green smoothie . Or a porridge of presoaked oats and non gluten grain with root vegetables lightly cooked and blanched with miso and natto added at the end with raw salsa sauce. Add some fresh leafy greens and sprouts.


During the middle of the morning herbal loose leaf organic teas, lemon coconut water with water .

Or a green juice made from your juice machine . If you want to get fat and obese then continue to drink juices from your retail grocery store that is pasteurized simple sugars that will spike your blood sugar

and predispose you to obesity like it did for my self on time back in the 80s.


Lunch can be your largest meal plan . Examples Raw or steamed hummus with raw sprouts salsa sauce and pineapple rapped in a raw kale leaf .


Also you can make your green smoothie into a raw pudding by mixing in some predigested seed paste and some leafy greens and some psyllium husk to thicken . Side order of cultured fermented food.

Giant tossed Vinaigrette Salad with everything from Nature and a smoothie salad dressing over top.

Or a steamed sprouted non gluten grain and legume combo with raw greens with a raw pesto sauce edible flowers and side dish of cultured probiotic vegetables .


Very Important Nutritional Weight Loss Note. Do not drink any large beverage with solid meals as this will dilute the hydrochloric acid production in your stomach that is responsible for turning your food chime into nutrients.This food chime will then later enter into your small intestine to be alkalized by your pancreas. Drink most of your beverages between your meals instead please.


Middle of the day you can munch on raw fruits , Some sprouted nuts and seed. A fresh melon by its self. Or make a raw fruit smoothie or a raw green juice .Some wheatgrass juice in coconut water is excellent . Chef Barry does not recommend to many raw fruit juices during this transit time of weight loss.


Diner can be a smaller version of your breakfast with follow up half our later with some coconut water with lemon lime. Or some organic loose leaf herbal teas such as Camomile Lemon Balm and Passion Flowers. You can just open up and discard the white sachets and use whole for more efficacy. Then strain the loose leaf tea grains through a strainer into your cup or teapot.


We know that a good rightful weight loss culinary plan is not enough to sustainably loose the weight with out physically moving the body . Lots of people with good intentions work out hard at the gym but cannot lose their weight !


The reason for this is they are not making their own meal plans 100 percent of their time. And other people that do make their own meal plans may be doing some things wrong in the kitchen that hinders their weight loss like using rancid cooking oils for example and then their work out is not fitted properly to their constitution so the fat hangs on to their body no matter how much they try to lose their weight .


Special Very Important Nutritional Note for You to Understand . What often happens after your physical weight lose journey has been achieved ? There is a latency time of weeks or maybe even months before your new metabolism function has settled into your new life style and culinary weight loss plan. This is where most people feel over confident and start to cheat on their plan and their weight comes right back on again .


You must give your body more time to adjust .

Chef Barry today is mostly Raw Organic Vegan but does enjoy creating recipes from the following Healthy Culinary models such as . Macrobiotic Cuisine Japan Style. Mediterranean Style Thai Cuisine.

Weston Price Foundation Cuisine . Blue Zone Longevity Cuisine Plans . And California Raw Cuisine.

Practiced only after his weight was permanently lost .


Final Note !

James Knight folks that may not know is a very close friend of Holistic Chef Barry and Mr. Knight is on his own personal mission embracing Raw Vegan made at home cuisine to help himself lose all that unwanted weight for good . James knows very well the kind of challenges he is facing and he knows very well what it is going to take to sustainably lose his weight . Yes we humans have been taken astray by the power of convenience but it does not have to be this way . Nature has nothing to sell and has no commercial interest in you . Make your Farmers market and Local organic farmer your best friend and support all of our organic open pollinated organic seed banks while there is still time left for us all .


Thank You



Kindest Regards Thai Chef Am Gourmet and Holistic Chef Barry Anderson 2 Executive Expert Weight Loss Chefs of the Garden Villa Phuket Good Earth Thai Spa and Health Residence located on the resort island of Phuket Thailand near the Phuket Chalong Bay area Thailand.


About the Author Holistic Chef Barry aka Barry Anderson


Barry worked in the Cartoon Animation Industry professionally for 20 years all around the world and found himself becoming obese . Chef Barry learned the culinary arts of working with Foods from Nature and managed to drop more than 100 pounds of his own excess weight from his 5 Foot 4 inch body frame.

The next 20 years Barry conducted intensive research of the Weight Loss Industry . Our current food supply system . The Environment . Social Issues . And Natural Health with Fitness and Longevity Living.

Barry lives with his Thai Family at the Garden Villa Phuket Good Earth Health Residence for the last 20 years now.

Barry Anderson aka Holistic Chef Barry Anderson

Your Internet Health Radio Show with Tony M. Isaacs and Luella May

with Guest Appearance by Holistic Chef Barry Anderson at the following link




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