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Not Fun

Had I not already done a picture for today, this would have been it.


Tonight I went to a movie. Ended up at 13.2 (238 mg/dl) afterwards so corrected that. I always forget that when I have a combo bolus going I should not correct! I also ate out for dinner so could have been off on the bolus for that. I also got a lot of exercise walking around today.


Bad combination.


Towards the end of dinner I felt low and tested at 3.7 (67 mg/dl). I still had a LOT! of insulin on board and my dinner bolus hadn't even peaked!


I treated the low. Fifteen minutes later I was only 3.8 (68 mg/dl). I treated it again and also turned my pump off for an hour and a half. I was still only 5.8 (104 mg/dl) when I resumed delivery.


Another hour and a half later I ended up at 16.9 (304 mg/dl). Maybe I shouldn't have stopped the pump ...


Talk about a roller coaster ...

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Taken on January 5, 2008