BIO 50: award winners
The Museum of Architecture and Design proudly announced the winners of the Awards for Best Collaboration of the Biennial of Design at the opening of the event on 18 September in Ljubljana.

Among the exhibited projects created within the Biennial of Design, the BIO 50 jury, comprised of industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, design critic Alice Rawsthorn and designer and professor Saša J. Mächtig, selected four award-winners.

The BIO 50 Award was given to projects by Nanotourism group led by mentors Tina Gregorič and Aljoša Dekleva. The Hounourable Mentions were received by the groups Designing Life, Engine Blocks and Fashion System.

BIO 50: 3, 2, 1 ... TEST
24. bienale oblikovanja
24th Biennial of Design
18. 9.-7. 12. 2014
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