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Van den Velde Script Pro

here is the official text to add at the page of our NEW Van den velde

Script PRO (can you add the text for us?)


Van den Velde Script Pro is the definitive edition of the original Van

den Velde Script, by Intellecta Design, a free interpretation of the

work of the famous master penman Jan van den Velde, to be found in the

“Spieghel der schrijfkonste, in den welcken ghesien worden

veelderhande gheschrifften met hare fondementen ende onderrichtinghe.

” (Haarlen, 1605). This font has evocative ancient ligature forms from

the XVII Century Dutch master penman Jan van den Velde. Your

indescritible writing-book was important not only with regard to the

specific period it represents, but also in relationship to the entire

history of calligraphy as an art: Van den Velde is rightly credited

with having introduced and perfected a new trend in Dutch calligraphy.

Our font, Van den Velde Script merges modern necessities o better

legibility without loose the taste of his archaic origins. This

enhanced OpenType version is a complete solution for producing

documents and artworks whith a evocative and voluptuous style of

calligraphic script:


Van den Velde Script PRO has


- more gliphs than the original Van den Velde Script. We create

hundred of new gliphs, deactivates old non-representative gliphs and

redesign the remaining library of original gliphs. Van den Velde Pro

is more functional, soft and beauty than the original.


- to keep the powerful of this unusual kind of script we make a

tour-de-force kerning work: 771 gliphs in this font was adjusted in

5400 kerning pairs handly.


- hundreds of contextual alternates combinations, some of them with

three or more letters,


- historical ornaments and fleurons in the typical style (and motifs)

from the XVII century at the Lower Countryes accessed with the glyph

palette using the Ornaments feature);


- an extensive set of ligatures (100s of contextual alternates plus

discretionary ligatures) providing letterform variations that make

your designs really special, resembling real handwriting on the page;


... and, much better, Van den Velde Scriopt PRO is plus cheap than the

original font !!!


In non-OpenType-savvy applications it works well as an unusual and

beautiful script style font. Because of its high number of alternate

letters and combinations (over 700 glyphs), we suggest the use of the

glyph palette to find ideal solutions to specific designs. The sample

illustrations will give you an idea of the possibilities. You have

full access to this amazing stuff using InDesign, Illustrator,

QuarkXpress and similar software. However, we still recommend

exploring what this font has to offer using the glyphs palette:

principally to get all the power of the Contextual Alternates feature.


Van den Velde Script PRO has original letters designed by Iza W and

overall creative direction plus core programming by Paulo W.



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Taken on May 28, 2012