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LHA 120-N 44 Superbubble with X-rays | by geckzilla
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LHA 120-N 44 Superbubble with X-rays

X-ray data from Chandra combined with the visible and near-infrared Hubble mosaic. Light from x-rays tends to occupy the places where voids have formed, likely as a result of hot winds and supernova shock waves impacting the walls of the cavity.


There is an article at the Chandra website regarding this object and what is being illustrated. You may read it here, if you wish:


The Hubble only version is here:


I would like to thank Jonathan McDowell for showing me that the lowest and highest energy levels must be filtered out using the event file because they are too noisy, and Brian Wolven for tagging him into the Twitter thread that resulted in the discussion. I don't often ask for help because I feel like I am bothering people, but small things like this really make a difference for me.


Data from Observation ID 3356 from Proposal Number 03910326 were used to create the x-ray overlay.

X-ray Emission Mechanisms and Evolution of Superbubbles


Data from Proposal 14689 were used to create the Hubble image.

MYSST: Mapping Young Stars in Space and Time - The HII Complex N44 in the LMC


Violet and Magenta overlay: ACIS .30-7.00 keV

Red: WFC3/UVIS F814W

Green: Pseudo

Blue: WFC3/UVIS F555W


North is NOT up. It is 19.6° counter-clockwise from up.


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Uploaded on December 29, 2017