dumpling time

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    with fer, mika-rin and tae-chan.
    after strolling (more like shooting? hehe) around asakusa, we had a lovely tea time here.
    why don't you join us? yum yum :)

    ☆three kinds of dango(rice dumpling)
    brown : sweet red bean paste
    white : white bean paste
    yellow : miso paste

    @"kototoi dango" mukojima, Tokyo, Japan

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    1. *Juliabe ages ago | reply

      oh yes!! yes!!! i want to join you, girls!!!! this looks so good :)))
      lovely warm tones too, Kimie :***

    2. sebastianchen ages ago | reply

      I love tea time too, it looks so delcious : )

    3. Inoka Chui . ages ago | reply

      oh I wanna join too !
      these rice dumpling seems yummy in this pola!
      hehe =P

    4. azmonden ages ago | reply

      looks very delicious,make my mouth water...:)

    5. dewiyusup ages ago | reply

      waaa..it looks so nyumiiii
      and i love the duck in that cup..so cute :)

    6. chcharlie ages ago | reply

      mmhmm goodness! i wouldn't mind having all those dangos right now, yeah all six of em. mmmm. haha =D

    7. lisa murakami ages ago | reply

      such a pretty picture, it looks sweet and delicious. i would like the white, with white bean paste;) mmmmmm!!!

    8. * andrew ages ago | reply

      love the bird pattern!

    9. lilacmoon ages ago | reply

      the last time i went to japan, i stayed in Asakusa!
      these look so yummy. may i? ^_^;;

    10. 5cats4carol ages ago | reply

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    11. mika-rin ages ago | reply


    12. hamapenguin ages ago | reply


    13. *《eRos?》 ages ago | reply

      want have a wonderful afternoon like this.

    14. jennaaaye ages ago | reply

      oooh they loook delicious!!
      i could go for some dumplings and tea right now :)

    15. sirwiseowl ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Creative Tabletop Photography, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    16. *Kit* ages ago | reply

      Count me in next time! :)

    17. oisoyboy ages ago | reply

      so soft and sweet..

    18. kimicon ages ago | reply

      ☆tae* : 撮って楽しい、食べて美味しいお団子だったね★あはは専属モデルがいるから心強いね!ノーン灰皿、言わなきゃすっかり忘れてたのにぃ…夢中だったしねおしゃべりと撮影と食べるのに :p 今日の着物ショットも上がるの楽しみだよー♪

      ☆minkoff : gracias! sure~~~i already kept a seat for you, julia!!! you will not be able to stop shooting, like us! :p

      ☆sebastianchen : having tea and delicious sweets help us relax, expecially after a long walk... :)

      ☆Inoka. : of course! come on, Inoka, you can come here in about 3 hours or so! :p we and yummy dumplings are waitin for you, hehe♪

      ☆azmonden : haha, actually looks so cute and delicious, it was hard to shoot before eating! ;p

      ☆chibietotoro13 : the dumplings are delicious and the bird on the cup is also cute...i love all of the cafe!

      ☆framebyframe : errr you can eat all?! but we ate them already... :p ok i've just bought six of them in a box to take away, so...now open the package and go on a tea party with you. ;)

      ☆tiny museum : white bean paste was delicious (of course all of them are nice, hehe!)! thanks, thanks :)))

      ☆* Andrew : i think so too, thanks for your comment, Andrew :)))

      ☆lilacmoon : wow! Asakusa was a nice place for you? sure have a bite and remember your days in asakusa! ;)

      ☆4cats4carol : thanks, i'll post it on your group! thanks!

      ☆mika-rin : みゃははそうとなったら食べてもいいけどその分モデル&英文よろちく(笑)ね、この界隈もう一度ゆっくり回りたいね!(フェルがいないとちょっと寂しいケド…くすん)昨日も今日も楽しかったよ~そしてまた今週アナタに会うのが楽しみだわ(ニヤリ★)ナニナニ~!!

      ☆hamapenguin : どちらも可愛いですよね♪鳥の柄は何種類かあって、可愛いのを選んで撮りました(笑)

      ☆*《eRos?》 : thank you, hope you had a lovely afternoon like that this weekend :)

      ☆j_boogie : hehe, jen, did you have a lovely teatime with sweet dumplings? hope so :D

      ☆creative~cues : yumyumyumyum... :p

      ☆sirwiseowl : thanks, i'll post it on your group! thanks!

      ☆*Kit* : why not? aww Kit-chan, i'm sure you'll love the japanese cafe...!

      ☆oisoyboy : the soft tone matches the subjects, doesn't it? thank you! :D

    19. nyomee wallen ages ago | reply

      What time shall we come?

      You are my winner!
      Please add this photo to

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