• i don't know why, but this looked like slices of fried tofu to me. heheh. :D - jennaaaye
  • ahaha, that's nice and healthy idea! but i don't know whether it's delicious or not... :p

apple tart

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i love HEMA! i wish they will open the shop in Japan someday...!

(on this day, i got a lovely flower-petterned knitted scarf, turquoise blue socks for myself and many sweets for my friends at HEMA. ...enjoyed shopping, not only eating a piece of apple tart. :p)

@"HEMA", amsterdam, Holland
*camera--MINOLTA X-700

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  1. elise hori ages ago | reply


  2. Milovan ages ago | reply

    :O Really tasty :D

  3. nils ♫ ages ago | reply

    hahahaa ... hema .. yeah .. hema is good and payable.
    so funny you went there to have some apple pie (appel taart)


  4. marked fold [deleted] ages ago | reply


  5. hamapenguin ages ago | reply


  6. *nana ages ago | reply


  7. kiitos55 ages ago | reply


  8. Viv | Seattle Bon Vivant ages ago | reply

    Yum! Never been to Hema. Making mental note for next trip to Holland.

  9. wakanyan ages ago | reply


  10. maniacal grape [deleted] ages ago | reply

    yuuuumeeeee... looks delicious!!!

  11. kimicon ages ago | reply

    ☆tae-chan : yay! i also remember the taste of this sweets and...our fun shopping! :D we couldn't decide which lovely items we should get easily...! また行きたい&お買い物たくさんしたいよぅん!

    ☆7E55E-BRN : hehehehehe i'm sure alomost Japanese girl will get to love HEMA if they visit there! bijenkorf to? i don't know. where and what?

    ☆dcassaa : sure, but there is another nice plan, i'll visit you bringing this tart, so could you wait for us with tasty italian cappuccino? :p let's have a wonderful coffee time! ;)))

    ☆mika-rin : ぎゃおう!(返してみた、笑)午前2時って食べちゃいけないけど、起きてると既におなかが朝食スタンバイ状態になるよね…わかるー!おまけに今週末も間違いなく胃袋ツアーね(笑)★HEMAとH&Mはホント、日本にできてほしいよー!

    ☆bokchoyboy : ok Gordon! but hurry up! we can't wait for you so long~~ :p!

    ☆yeright : hehe! happy to hear that you said so! ohh Tom, thank you for your testimonial! i was amazed when i found it and really happy! thank you, thank you~~~!!!

    ☆nnina : me too! love tartes! wow, say what? aww please please send me a piece of tarts you make, ada!!!

    ☆Spiegelei : yes actually i was going to buy a suitcase at first...but after all, instead of that, i got some fashion items! haha :p

    ☆elise hori : きゃあ!elise! 日本語でおしゃべりできて嬉しいです!yes, it was really voluminous but it wasn't overly sweet, so i ate it all!

    ☆Ikerocks : yum! it was truly tasty, i wanted to try another one! :p

    ☆nils ♫ : haha, we wanted to buy some gifts for our friends and some clothes for ourselves. after shopping, dropped by this cafeteria and have some dishes. we could enjoyed both shopping and sweets, viva HEMA :)

    ☆snowy's goodthings : ハイハイ、うさこと仲良く分け分けしてね★リンゴまんまも大好きだけど、そうなのリンゴのお菓子私も大好きー!

    ☆hamapenguin : うふふ、でもいかにも「具」って感じですよね。どっしり★美味しかったぁ♪

    ☆*nana : うがが私もだ!この時間はスイーツの誘惑が…うくく、そこに気づいてくれてありがとう :) フォークついてるよこのお皿!って手前にフォーク並べて撮ったのん。アムステルダムは今回の旅行で一番期待せずに(笑)面白かったところ!nanaちゃんもぜひ!(ああこのコはそう言ったらもうすぐにでも行きそうだ…)

    ☆kiitos55 : やぱし!好きよね!ビバHEMAビバHEMA言いながら売り場グルグル回ってました…ホント、来ないかしらん…!

    ☆Viv | Seattle Bon Vivant : yayy! i'm sure you'll be a fan of HEMA if you visit to Holland! i'll show my knitted scarf that i bought there soon, it's so cuuuute!

    ☆wakanyan : …!!!!や、か、感激!!!覚えてます覚えてます、ワカナちゃん!よね???嬉しいいー!!!サイト、すっかりお休みしてしまっていてごめんなさい…いつの間にかこちらがメインになってしまっていました。でもまたここでお会いできて本当に嬉しいです!おまけになんてスイートなコメント!!!こちらこそこれからも今まで以上に仲良くしてくださいね★よろしくお願いします :))))

    ☆Beringela : yumyumyumyum.....yes, the looks is delidious, it also tastes delidious! :D

  12. carrall ages ago | reply

    the plate is also cute, they draw a fork there ;P

  13. 7E55E-BRN ♥ ages ago | reply

    really!? i have seen hema like shops in japan to, in the jusco malls
    the bijenkorf is the owner of the hema, it's more luxurious, and they made a simpeler cheaper version, and that's the hema
    the bijenkorf has more design things (^_-) thats why i like it LOL
    next time ill show you!!

  14. (davide) ages ago | reply

    Ok this is a definitely great plain! I'll wait with cappuccino and cream cornetto :P

  15. internal science [deleted] ages ago | reply


  16. elise hori ages ago | reply

    hahaha! kimieさんっておもしろそうだな!:D

  17. Exchange Place ages ago | reply


  18. kimicon ages ago | reply

    ☆carrall : that's the point! i love both the plate and the tart! both are sweet, arn't they? :)

    ☆7E55E-BRN : i say the same to you! really? which jusco have you seen hema?! mmm...i get interested in the bijenkorf...thanks for telling. i wanna go Holland again soon!

    ☆dcassaa : thank you thank you! aww i can't wait for such a lovely coffee break(actually now i'm working without a break today...)

    ☆yeright : haha, i was surprised, why do you know my nickname, yes, きみちん is my nickname when i was a kid! thank you Tom!

    ☆elise hori : ahaha, 私もeliseとの会話、面白くて楽しいよ!as for me, i can say the same thing about english though speaking is more difficult than reading and writing for me...but you can comment both in english and japanese! ;)))

    ☆Exchange Place : おいしかったです!!:D :D

  19. Rikvk ages ago | reply

    hmm, appeltaart from Hema, that's good indeed! You should try hema's "saucijzenbroodje" hehe ;-)

  20. Inge Laan 120 months ago | reply

    great that you love hema! if i would move out of holland i will mis hema the most, after my family... :)

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