nuts or chocolates?

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    nana-chan, here you are. :)
    (but sorry they aren't belgian chocolates, two of them are Dutch chocolates, and a real nut is from Belgium.)

    have a sweet weekend, my friends :))))

    taken@London -- thank you tae-chan!

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    1. Milovan ages ago | reply

      Ñam ñam delicious all :D*

      Nice weekend for you kimi.

    2. holistic measure [deleted] ages ago | reply

      happy weekend to you as well:)
      sweet looking chocolates, at first i was certain they were nuts

    3. *nana ages ago | reply


    4. *Kit* ages ago | reply

      I go nuts with chocolate! :p

    5. Triple-Y ages ago | reply

      oh these must be the chocolates you were talking about! thanks so much for sharing! i love the lighting here, it looks pure gold!

    6. marked fold [deleted] ages ago | reply


    7. betterthanezra ages ago | reply

      i'm nuts about chocolates ; )

    8. parallel work [deleted] ages ago | reply


    9. *nana ages ago | reply

      あら?fav忘れてました(笑)もちろん気持ちは即favです!っていうかワーイ!おいしそうなお土産ありがとうです!!:o)) いえいえ、むしろ一度にいろんな国が楽しめてお得感タップリ★

    10. kimicon ages ago | reply

      ☆ikuサン : どうぞどうぞ~。チョコ、追加しなくちゃね(笑)夜撮り600filmでぬくもり20%増☆

      ☆eamon : can? so which do you want? thank you!

      ☆jenny : oh! that's it! sounds more delicious than just nut or chocolate! thank you jenny, have a wonderful weekend! ;))))

      ☆Ikerocks : thank you Henry! hehe they were really delicious! you too, enjoy your weekend! :D

      ☆lisenocalis : thank you, thank you!! my friends said the same thing, that was the point. have a nice weekend! :)

      ☆Kit-chan : wow nice comment! i should've put the title that you said...! ahaha now i remember the day we had sweets at omotesando...we love chocolates, we love sweets! :p

      ☆Shirley-chan : hehe...actually they weren't sold at that belgian shop, but at utrecht one. anyway, both shops' chocolate were sooooo delicious! also happy to share with you! thanks for warm comment, Shirley-chan!

      ☆snowy's goodthings : うふ。寒い夜に撮ったので、暖かい色がじんわぁり出てきたとき私もほっこり(笑)

      ☆betterthanezra : thanks for your nice words! oh yes, nuts has a double meaning! me too, now i'm just having a piece of chocolate! yum!

      ☆ : ふふ。あたたかな雰囲気をととらえようと思いつつ、のんびりしてるとチョコ溶けちゃうので…焦りながらとりました(笑)ありがとうです♪

      ☆nanaちゃん : おお今まさにレス書いてたところよ♪favありがとう~ハグハグ★えへへ場所移動するたびにチョコ買ってたのバレちゃったわ…どこのもホントに美味しかった~(でもやっぱりチョコはベルギーが一番♪)ビバユーロ!

    11. cheerful stick [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Belgian chocolates are much more delicious than Dutch ones :-)

    12. hamapenguin ages ago | reply

      色が暖かい感じですね。Have a nice weekend!

    13. kimicon ages ago | reply

      ☆[schizophrenia] : hahaha~both are delicious, but exactly, Belgian ones are the best!!!

      ☆hamapenguin : ありがとうございます。この季節、この色合いの写真撮りたくなるんですよね…thank you, hope you had a nice weekend too!

    14. Shadows Oliv ages ago | reply

      Very beautiful photo filled with emotion

      The Swiss chocolate is also very good

      But Belguim are the best it's sure !!!!!

      It is a large amateur of Chocolat who speaks about it : )

      Kimie cheer of always knowing to give the life has your photo

      My chocolate prefers hazel nut, almonds with one mix of white chocolate and black a fireworks for the mouth

      XD XD XD XD

    15. kimicon ages ago | reply

      ☆Oliv : thank you! same here, i love the belgian best! and love the french and japanese ones as well! hezel nut almonds...mmm...yum!

    16. otarako☺︎ ages ago | reply


    17. Sinsong ages ago | reply

      i like both. :D

    18. kimicon ages ago | reply

      ☆otarako : ありがとうございます~。ポラって、その場の空気や温度も写真に収めたくなるカメラですよね。ポラとあったかーい手の持ち主のおかげです♪

      ☆sinsong : thanks! hehe, me too! ;)

    19. sting* ages ago | reply

      this is very sweet, the hands forming a heart shape.

    20. kimicon ages ago | reply

      ☆sting* : thank you shereen! this is my favorite shot, when i see this shot, i remember the night at the pub in London and chatting with my friends :)))

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