Calibration by Luke Achterberg
Luke Achterberg, an artist from Lexington, KY, is the fourth recipient of the Lewis C. Weinberg Biennial Sculpture Competition. The prize was awarded in ceremonies at the Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park on September 20, 2015. The piece was installed in the Park the day before and will occupy a special place in the Park for the next 2 years.

Made of painted steel and standing 15 feet tall, the sculpture was named "Calibration" by the artist.
The competition is named after Lewis C. Weinberg, longtime president of the Sculpture Park Board of Directors who died in 2008. The contest is fully funded by the surviving members of the Weinberg family, all of whom were on hand for the ceremony. Not only do they fund the prize but generously cover all installation and removal costs.

Previous winners were Ron Guard in 2009 with "French Kiss;" Richard Taylor with "Caressed by the Moon;" in 2011; and, Nathan Pierce with "Loss of Signal" in 2013.
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