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It's My Birthday: One Year On Flickr

Today is my one-year anniversary of starting to use to Flickr (hence posting a big number ‘1’). That makes it a year since I got my first Lomo LC-A (RIP) roll back after an interview with LomoKev for my magazine inspired me to get back into a hobby I’d dabbled with on and off.


Since then I’ve dived headfirst into the subject and it’s sub-genres. First xpro, then toy cameras, the proper film cameras, medium format and next up digital and off camera flash. It’s been a great year and the feedback and support has been amazing. I remember the buzz when I got my first picture in Explore and less than 12 months later I’ve had the nod – for what it’s worth – 33 times. That might sound silly, but that sort of ‘recognition’ has pushed this learner to try and better himself again and again.


Through Flickr I’ve had contact with some great people, both online and off, and I’ve enjoyed getting my geek on and sharing the passion. I’ve seen some amazing photos on here too, and learned so much doing so. Everybody who has commented on my pictures or faved on of them, thanks, it’s made a difference.


It seems a nice time to say thank you to a few people on here without whom my photography wouldn’t be a damn sight better now than it was on Dec 2nd 2008.


LomoKev, who made good photography seem achievable, although it’s much more difficult than he makes it look.


The Brownhorse, who has never tired of my endless questions and has given me more help than I can even remember.


Kevin Mason (The Artist Formerly Known As DarkDaze), who inspires me to try harder and not take the obvious, easy route.


Ben Petrucci, who has made me want to pick up digital again and learn proper things like lighting, and who is a great partner, full of ideas.


PedroKid, for his tireless enthusiasm for the dross I post – it makes a huge difference.


Right, sorry about that. You can pass the sick bucket round, I’ve finished until next year.


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Taken on August 21, 2009