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Bothriovulsus sp.

I found these large globular springtails in my yard last week. I had never seen this species before, but found around 15-20 in several different areas. I think I found both males and females, the females being the larger ones. Some of the females were huge (at least compared to the other globular springtails I find), probably close to 3mm long and nearly that wide.


I'm pretty sure these are Ptenothrix marmorata, but they also look similar to Dicyrtomina minuta. After uploading more photos, where the back of the head was visible, Frans was able to ID these as Bothriovulsus sp.. He said "Bothriovulsus, typically is recognised easily, in a 'back shot' of the head: it lacks any pigmentation. This is distinctly different from P. marmorata.

Your Bothriovulsus does not match the already described pineolae. It is a new species. New to the USA at least. Possibly new to science."

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Taken on April 18, 2012