Wolf Spider

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    While staying with my Grandparents in Jacksonville, Fl, I had a chance go on a "night hike" in their backyard. Considering how thickly wooded the area around their house is, I was surprised at how few arthropods I found. There were, however, tons of wolf spiders. I was able to spot these from across the yard because their eyes glowed blue when my headlamp passed over them. It didn't matter what size the spiders were, I could always find them by the reflections of their eyes. I even spotted a large female because of the glow from the eyes of the 1mm babies clinging to her back!

    1. Mr. Phidippus 33 months ago | reply

      Here's a side view of another large wolf spider.

      Wolf Spider

    2. Mr. Phidippus 33 months ago | reply

      Aside from the spiderlings I saw, this was probably the smallest wolf spider found by the glowing eyes.

      Tiny Wolf Spider

    3. Mr. Phidippus 33 months ago | reply

      Although the reflections of the spiders' eyes helped me narrow down where they were, it was still hard to spot them once I got close. I had to pick them out from the leaf litter that they did such a good job blending in with. There are two spiders hidden in the photo below.

      Hidden Wolf Spiders

      If you can't see them, I'll give you a hint. There is a small spider just below the second largest clump of grass. If you look to the left of this spider you'll see another, larger, one.

    4. Mr. Phidippus 33 months ago | reply

      Here are some of the other arthropods I spotted.

      A Gasteracantha cancriformis orb weaver.

      Orb Weaver

      A group of millipedes. I can find at least eleven.


      A green lacewing enjoying some bird poop.

      Green Lacewing

      Large cockroach nymph.

      Roach Nymph

      A planthopper with red eyes.

      Plant Hopper

      Here's a woodlouse (top) and an earwig (bottom).

      Woodlouse and Rove Beetle

      And finally another roach nymph.

      Roach Nymph

    5. zxgirl 33 months ago | reply

      An excellent yard safari! I've heard that about spider's eyes out in the yard, but I've shined my light in my yard and never seen them out there.

    6. Mr. Phidippus 33 months ago | reply

      I had no idea their eyes would glow like they did, so I was pretty surprised when I first saw it. I could only spot them that way from far away though. As I got closer, their eyes stopped reflecting the light. I guess it had something to do with the angle of the light from my headlamp. Also, the yard was crawling with wolf spiders, so there were plenty of spider eyes for my headlamp to illuminate.

    7. zxgirl 33 months ago | reply

      My yard is definitely crawling with spiders of all kind, but maybe it's too close? I should kneel down and shine the light out...

    8. Mr. Phidippus 33 months ago | reply

      I actually had better luck standing up, with my light at eye level. Also, I don't know if it matters, but I was using an LED headlamp. Maybe the reflections depend on the wavelength of the light?

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