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Rodeo Drive-Edit

So pissed off.....I had an appointment in Beverly Hills to shoot something that could have been very special and Mapquest screwed me, my Sprint GPS wouldn't connect and the traffic was thick. As the sun went down, the western sky turned reddish pink and the best sunset of the summer just laughed at me. I was in the neighborhood so I stopped on the world famous Rodeo Drive and took these 5 exposures.


What is with rich woman and their perfume...It's 2011, some one should tell these bags that woman don't wear perfume anymore, let alone bathe in it. It's rude to those around you....It does not smell good. It gives others a headache....I really don't get it. Is perfume to attract men? (they're already married,) is it to keep the husband interested? (it makes them sick,) is it to show everyone that you can afford it? (it makes everyone nauseous.)


HDR image I fixed the lens distortion (crooked buildings) but I went back to this, it's more fun to look at.

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Taken on July 7, 2011